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Under The Moonlight

It's absolutely one of my favorite song. I've been listening to this song for almost two years now. Well, I should have put it up on my blog a long time ago.. Don't really know why I didn't do it..

Anyway, its up on the blog now.. Hope you like it :)

The music video below is a Novotel ad, released in 2006. I remember I put it up on Baan Khai last year. Why? Because we seemed to run into troubles every time we brought bears, oysters and deer into our kratoos. So I just wanted to make a little test in order to see what would happen if I used youtube music video to sneak some of the animals in. lol

Luckily nothing happened. The clip was not censored, the kratoo was not banned; it just disappeared by itself (this must be some sort of the law of Nature at that website, I think...)

Anyway, so long lovely kratoo. Long live the bear, the oyster and the deer!

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