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สิงหาคม 2558
17 สิงหาคม 2558
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Love In The City

Maybe it's just some kind of loneliness in a crowd...

By Lissie

I think there is something wrong with my heart
It feels like it has been taking apart
And left out with the junk on the street
Cause it don't beat

Somethings got a hold on my mind
I'm living in a life that's not mine
I know there's a million of folks to me, but
They just passed
In the street

Maybe love, don't live
In the city
No love, all give
In the city

Every night I look at the sky
And all I see are planes that fly by
There ain't no stars up there 'cause
It's no clear
So unclear, so unclear

Maybe love, don't live
In the city
No love, all give
In the city

And I stay all night
Under the neon lights
But nothing goes right for me
No love
Can't love in the city

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