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ตุลาคม 2554
8 ตุลาคม 2554
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A song about Antarctica and her lonely drift towards the South Pole. . . .

By Peter Adams

I can recall the waves on the shore
that battered the beach with water and more
Full in the air and deep in the ground
I was not alone for miles around

Eyes in the greenest jungles of mine
Would wander around the vines
And in the plains the wind and the rain
With seasons would come and go

Oh and how my gardens grew
How they would twist all through the air

But gone is the fire that warmed me at night
That kept me alive and kept me bright
I've drifted far from the colors above
The faces of friends and the ones that I loved

I cry for the mountains
Sing for the shore
And sway for my lost allure
The cold and the darkness have swallowed me up
And famished my love for this life

I will moan In this desolate home
And sing my sacred songs again
La la la la

Let the grinding stones
Come feast on my bones
I'll cry for more

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