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คำถามยากจัง งั้นขอลองตอบหน่อย

พอดีไปเห็นคำถามที่ตั้งโดยคุณ collectible-cucumber ที่ tumblr แล้วแอบรู้สึกสับสน งุนงง เล็กน้อย หลายคำถามคิดกลับไปกลับมาหลายรอบแล้วก็ยังเบลอ ๆ อยู่ ตอนแรกว่าจะไม่ตอบละ แต่พอลองอ่านซ้ำ ๆ ดู ก็เอ้อ.. น่าสนใจอยู่เหมือนกัน คือประมาณว่าต้องใช้จินตนาการระดับนึง 

ถ้างั้น.. ขอลองตอบหน่อยละกัน

ผม post ตอบคำถามไปแล้วที่ tumblr ของผม (rethinker) ตั้งแต่เมื่อคืน พอวันนี้มาลองอ่านซ้ำดูทั้งคำถาม (ที่ถามไว้ลอย ๆ ไม่ได้ถามผม) และคำตอบ (ที่ผมอยากตอบเอง) ก็คิดว่า น่าจะ copy มาเก็บไว้ที่ bloggang ด้วย




0. Tell me how you feel about this 

Ok, let me try.

1. Would you rather never have to sleep or never have to eat, given there’s no side effect? Why?

If there’s no side effect, “Never have to sleep” will be my answer. People waste about 30 – 50% of their lifetime with sleeping. It would be fun, at least for me, to stay up all day and all night to read many good books, listen to tuneful sound/music, and make things done. Isn’t it a wonderful and productive life? I will have more time for traveling, sight-seeing, finding some new places/spaces to hang out, and more time to enjoy some fine food as well.

2. Would you rather only be able to turn left or only be able to breath with your left nostril? Why? 

So this question can be translated as to choose between being unable to turn right versus being unable to use my right nostril to breath. Well, “being unable to turn right” would affect my freedom of choice to choose a certain route to a certain destination. However, “being unable to use my right nostril to breath” would not affect my life much. Thus, “being able to turn left only” will be my answer.

3. Would you rather always have your chip be broken when getting the dip or always getting the right ratio of chip and dip but not being able to tell chips and chipmunks apart? Why? 

Ok, “always have my chip be broken” is my answer. Why? Well, it’s better to always have broken chips while dipping in a sauce than accidentally eat a dipped chipmunk. I still want to let it play with nutshells or eat some nuts. By the way, do you think a chipmunk would love a dipping sauce?

4. Would you rather have no regrets or no ragrets? 

I’m not sure. By the way, should I watch “We’re the Millers” before answer this question? Have you watched this film? And, no ragrets?

5. Would you rather always be covered in chalk dust or, every time you talk, the Frozen soundtrack is playing really loud so you have to shout and you can’t choose the song, man.

I haven’t watched watch “Frozen” yet. Is it a musical film? If so, I don’t think I will like the soundtracks from Frozen. My favorite genres of music are, new age, ambient, jazz, progressive rock, bossa nova, classical, traditional. So better always be covered in chalk dust.

6. Would you rather have world peace or ultimate understanding and acceptance of yourself and the situation surrouding you? Why?

Sure, I would choose the ultimate understanding. It would be fun, at least for me, to understand the truth behind everything. Hopefully, the ultimate understanding will lead to the solution of the current conflicts and will result in world peace eventually. 

7. Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater? 

It would be better to see landscape from the sky than to see the sky from underwater. 

8. How are you? 

I’m fine. Well, a little bit confused by the questions.

9. Describe how you are again but quote a song at least once.

Well, I don’t know enough songs to find an appropriate sentence/quote. I know only one piece that contains a word “confusing” in lyrics. The song is called “Crawling” by Linkin Park, and the quote I choose is “Confusing what is real” and “Consuming, confusing”

By the way, the song is too harsh and too far from an appropriate mood to represent that “I’m fine, but a little bit confused” (In fact, I love this song)

10-11. Is it cold over there? Have you eaten? Have you been sleeping well?

Is it cold? No.

Have I eaten? Yes.

Sleeping well? Of course.



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