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Poems About Spring


the season of spring
weather seems to sing
lovely lovely days
are coming our ways

the season of spring
blooming blossoming
of nature of all kind
let roots unbind

the season of spring
birds unfold their wings
diving high into sky
wish one could fly

the season of spring
careful hearts love sting
reaching out towards others
some persons might bother

the season of spring
nice sound bells ring
new wave new style
faces have on a smile

the season of spring
an new awakening
busy humanity on earth
as if it’s a new birth

listen listen to my words
the season of spring is near
now a look into your lovely eyes
and one can see spring is already here


Spring is like spring flowers it is nice.
Spring is a beautiful season.
Spring is a happy season.
Spring is a joyful season.
Spring is a fun season.
Spring is a wonderful season.
Spring showers are nice.
Spring colors are really pretty.
The different colors of the spring flowers are wonderful.
Spring is nice and cool season.

A spring

A spring
A perennial source of inspiration
about it
we have loads and loads of information
and that
we have as our scriptures
to depict that
we have made our sculptures
we call all these.....
our rich heritages from our ancestors


Have we lost sight of it due to our pride?
A spring could'nt be encaptured
A spring could'nt be stored
The scriptures and sculptures were reservoires....
born out of this spring
Just a pride about those....
would'nt bring back the spring.
The scriptures and sculptures are not an ' over ' thing
it was just a ' beginning ' thing
This spring can neither have a beginning nor ending
it is a perennial thing.


How do we find this spring
It's just not a common thing
to be found by one and be used by all
Do we need a ' DIVINER ' to divine this spring?


Love In Spring

Your gentle laughter, as you tease
reminds me poignantly of wind chimes
swaying on a balmy spring day breeze

Makes me Long to be part of your days
nights too, held closely in your arms
Forever and another Spring, if I may

As the Earth slowly turns round the sun
Valleys, groves and hills are warmed
Spring blooms in my heart, love's a season

Holding hands, stealng kisses as we run
through fields, woods or mountain trails
A Spring for you and me, to discover love

Barren wall, barren heart, Spring bloomed
Darkness in my soul found streamers of light
Braided into you, in a joyous Maypole dance


The season of spring,
weather seems to sing.
Lovely lovely days,
are coming our way.

The season of spring,
blooming, blossoming.
The nature of all kinds,
let roots unbind.

The season of spring,
birds unfold their wings,
diving high into the sky.

The season of spring
reaching out towards others.
The season of spring
nice sound bells ring.

Faces have on a smile,
new wave new styles.
The season of spring,
an new awakening.

Busy humanity on earth,
as if it’s a new birth.
Listen, listen to the world,
the birds are singing,
people are beming.

The season of spring is near
now look into the sky.
I can see it in your lovely eyes
and one can see spring is already here

Happy Spring

Happy spring don't mean a thing
If nobody is listening
We all got to give its cling
A worthy again visiting
Singing from bough to bough
Playful birds are there
Bring together their vow
Little hearts pounding everywhere

Happy spring comes every spring
Memories soft glistening
Flowers and tints they bring
Under from earth's snowy wing
Its times come soon now
With their hope to share
New summer fun and now-how
Arriving again through the air

Happy spring happy spring
Not too far in distances away
Happy spring what shall you bring
When you light up my May Day
In my heart I always knew
Tide of fresh fragrance would appear
With bluish sky and easy view
I'll be glad to have you here (repeat last line)

Happy spring don't mean a thing
If nobody is listening
We all got to give its cling
A worthy again visiting
Singing from bough to bough
Playful birds are there
Bring together their vow
Little hearts pounding everywhere

A Spring

I so liked Spring last year
that's the time I've met you dear.
Thrushes began to sing everywhere
like the music you love to hear.

I still like Spring this year
because I know you're still there
like an angel who's always near
and a friend who really care

I love Spring for simply it is Spring
a season for a new beginning!


So Spring the shadow upon with you watch
Bring the sky into beautiful rainbow

With me, feeling in love with Spring
Spread the roses in a scene, hiding my emotion

You speak words that now get rid my pain,
But fill me with the pleasure not measured

The souvernirs that will never forget,
to keep our love life long remember

I' m taking off the sorrow in you
And still struggling to recover my painful emotion.

To let you know that Spring in mine
and Love of Spring is bloomed
in YOU, Me Forever and always.


See love
Young love
Blossom as the spring

Watch love
Teach love
See the joy it brings

All around the skies are blue
Shining clear for me and you
Notice all the colors bright
Glisten sweetly in the light

Spring has come
Spring is here
Spring has brought me you
My dear.

On a spring

It felt like a dream
Colours everywhere
The beautiful scent
Never went unnoticed
Butterflies visiting every flower
Felt like flying petals
All was fresh
All was colourful
Yes, it was spring

Flowers all bloomed
Smiling at everything
“Look at us”
You felt them saying
“Submerged you’ll be
In our beauty”
Yes, it was spring

I could feel the breeze
She was kissing me on my cheeks
While the scent of flowers
Hastily got into my nose
Refreshing me
Making me feel good
Yes, it was spring

The plants whispered
Or maybe sang with rhythm
They went on
Happy they were
Yes, it was spring

The butterflies were all busy
Collecting nectar from each
Annoyed a bit
Coz they were not admired
As now everything was colourful
Still they looked a part
A part of this scenic beauty
Yes, it was spring

As sun shone brightly
He made everything glow
Each green leaf glittered
As the dew tried hard to stay on
I looked around
A marvelous display of colours
Spreading positive thoughts
Everything, everyone was happy
Yes, it was spring

I bent down and pluck a rose
I’ll save it for my love
But later when I looked for it
Nothing was found
No flowers, no butterflies
Only buildings everywhere
I was late still I realized
It was all a dream
A dream that can never be real…………


What season is it? Winter....NO!
It has changed and the weather too.
From winter we now move to Spring!
And the sky becomes clear and blue.

What season is it? Spring we cry out loud!
Go away rain, go away cloud!
Let me see the sun again,
Cus, all i want to do, is go out and have some fun!
Do you feel it too?

Now i can feel the temperature rising,
I see the flowers on the trees,
I see the fruit in the markets,
I see the insects and the bees,

It is time for us to say,
That SPRING is clearly here,
So raise your voice and shout with me....
SPRING! repeat again and let's all cheer!

A Spring Message

May the Spring Season fill your heart
With love and joy today
To bring you peace and comfort
In every beautiful way.

May the thoughts of Spring
Glow warmly in your heart
Where memories of the past
Ever play an important part.

May a Spring day be extra special
With the beauty of blossoms of snow,
May the sunshine make them attractive
And bring a festive glow.

May the warmth of the Spring air,
The songbirds and colorful flowers
Fill the day with cheerfulness
And many happy and rewarding hours.

May those you love surround you
To share your glorious day,
May the memories of the Spring Season,
Linger in your life to forever stay.

Spring's First Day

The sun shines in the sky of blue and gray
It is a cool and rather breezy day
The magpie lark in the Townpark does sing
Pee wee pee wee on the first day of Spring.

The Goddess of Spring she flew in overnight
And no one see her in her silent flight
She is in the South for her annual three months stay
The warmer weather soon will come our way.

In her stick nest on the blackwood the magpie her eggs incubate
Her territory is guarded by her mate
He warns the other magpies in his flute like song
That this patch of ground to her and him belong.

Were I a poet to read or to recite
A song of welcome to the Spring I'd write
To the Goddess of Spring who spreads around her green
No greater beauty than her's I have seen.

The day is windy, sunny, bright and clear
And Spring is in the Southern Hemisphere
And the wattle trees laden in their blooms of gold
Stirring in the breezes lovely to behold.

The End of Spring

Green field, sunrise
A site of her, blue eyes
Like ocean water, or a sapphire stone.

It’s a glass of wine
To an unforgettable time
From where stars shine

Like a bright light, grown up and out of sight.
In the end of spring

A child dreams
An old mans song
The time between
What was right
And what went wrong

In the end of spring

There were blue skies
They were endless days
Where nothing dies
And everything stays

Till the end of spring

She dressed up
In a sun dress
She danced around
With her shoes off
She made a smile
With no make-up on
I gave it back
For her hair was down

In the end of spring

A child dreams
An old mans song
The time between
What was right
And what went wrong

In the end of spring

The rain fell, the sun set
She left, without regret.


In spring I go to war
To sing or to die.
What do I care for my own troubles?
Today I shatter them, laughing in pieces.

Oh, Brothers, know that young spring came
In a whirlwind.
Quickly throw off tired grief
And follow her in a host.

I have never felt so strongly
How much I love you, Oh, Germany,
As the magic of spring surrounds you
Amidst the bustle of war.

Musical Spring

The music flows softly,
Through the window pane.
The music flows softly,
Through the sprinkling rain.

Spring is here,
It’s in the air.
Spring is here,
We have no care.

The music flows softly,
Like spring in the air.
The music flows softly,
Like us, with no cares.

Seasons Memories


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สบายดีนะค่ะ ไม่ได้เข้ามาซะนานค่ะ คิดถึง


โดย: opleee 12 กรกฎาคม 2552 19:30:32 น.  


สวัสดีค่ะ ไม่ได้เข้ามาเยี่ยมเยียนเลย
สบายดีน่ะค่ะ คิดถึงเสมอค่ะ
ตอนนี้ ไข้หวัด 2009 ระบาดหนัก
รักษาสุขภาพ ด้วยน่ะค่ะ


โดย: Joy (ศรินศิริ ) 17 กรกฎาคม 2552 20:46:10 น.  



โดย: Nu dee ka (kun_isara ) 19 กรกฎาคม 2552 13:21:22 น.  








โดย: ป้าหู้เองจ่ะ (fifty-four ) 24 กรกฎาคม 2552 23:23:31 น.  



หญิงคนหนึ่ง คนที่เรา เรียกว่าแม่
หญิงคนที่ รักเราแท้ ไม่แปรผัน
หญิงคนที่ รักเรา เท่าชีวัน
หญิงคนนั้น ให้เราเกิด กำเนิดมา

หญิงคนนี้ ที่เราควร จะกราบไหว้
หญิงคนที่ เราทั้งหลาย ควรฝันหา
หญิงคนนั้น คนที่เรา เรียกมารดา
หญิงคนที่ เสียน้ำตา ตอนคลอดเรา

วันเราเกิด หญิงคนนี้ ที่ต้องเจ็บ
วันเราเจ็บ เขายิ่งเจ็บ กว่าหลายเท่า
วันเราสุข หญิงคนนี้ สุขกว่าเรา
วันเขาเศร้า แล้วเราไป อยู่ไหนกัน

คิดบ้างเถิด ลูกทุกคน จงได้คิด
คิดบ้างเถิด ใครที่ผิด ที่แปรผัน
คิดบ้างเถิด เราหรือเขา ที่ลืมกัน
คิดบ้างเถิด ใครลืมวัน ที่ผ่านมา

เราต่างหาก ที่มัวเมา จนลืมคิด
เราต่างหาก เราที่ผิด ไม่ไปหา
เราต่างหาก ที่ไม่เคย มีเวลา
เราต่างหาก ที่มันบ้า หลงลืมตัว

กลับไปเถิด กลับไป เยี่ยมแม่บ้าง
อย่าให้ท่าน ต้องอ้างว้าง ใจสลัว
อย่าหลงไฟ หลงแสงสี จนลืมตัว
อย่าเมามัว จนลืมแม่ ผู้รักเรา....

สุขสันต์วันแม่จ๊ะน้องเจี๊ยบ วันนี้ไม่มีแม่แล้ว แต่เป็นแม่ของลูกชายคนหนึ่ง ก็เลยเอารูปแม่กะลูกมาฝากวันแม่แทนค่ะ


โดย: แม่น้องแปงแปง 12 สิงหาคม 2552 10:40:45 น.  


รูปสวย glitter emoticon comment



เฮ้อ...พอได้ฟังเพลงแล้ว ใจเย็นขึ้นเยอะเลยค่ะ




โดย: ป้าหู้เองจ่ะ (fifty-four ) 30 สิงหาคม 2552 16:40:35 น.  


พุทธะสวัสดีครับ คุณเจี๊ยบ

มีความสุขมาก ๆ รักษาสุขภาพ นะครับ


โดย: เซียน_กีตาร์ 2 กันยายน 2552 7:12:30 น.  

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