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December....last month to study

2 December 2007

I havent updated my blog for 3 weeks because Im lazy55555 Since I already wrote some of Novembers diary so I must wrote down in Dec too. Thats why I wrote Nov..Its properly..

Sculpture by the sea

16 Nov 07

Last Friday I went to Bondi beach with school. At first, I didnt want to go there, but option classes werent interested in. So, I decided to go.

I walked from school to Hyde Park taking a bus to Bondi. A bus fare was $2.3. I couldnt remember what time I arrived. I got off at first stop on Bondi beach and start to walk and see a sculpture by the sea. Some of them make me amaze. I couldnt resist taking them a photo. I walked follow the way until Bronte beach, where Ive been one time, I did nothing just killing time until 3.00 and went home. The weather was so hot, but lots of fun.

And these are my photo..

22 November 2007

Two days ago Ive requested to Thailand Embassy having a voting right in next month election. I dont know yet who the competitors are.

And today I complained to Juliana (my ex-teacher) and schools assistant about my classmate score. Since he graduated today and he got very terrible score on his certificate. Actually, he should get at least upper-intermediate score because he study in advance class. He got 3 of them are intermediate and the other one is upper-intermediate, so he asked the teacher about his score and she told him many reasons, which werent reasonable. I think shes very tough. I cant tolerate anymore in this room, because if I still here when I graduate itll happen to me. I decided to ask Juliana to move back to her class. She was very worry about me, bcuz she had promoted me. I told everything to her then she drag me to talk with schools assistant call Ruby. She listened and promised me to solve the problem urgently in the most useful way.

After 15 minutes she came in to my class and told me about good news, but she confirm me didnt tell anyone. You know what she told meShell change teachers from Farhana to another class and Juliana instead she and I havent to change class bcuz Juliana didnt want me to move back. Its not useful for me..Happy ending.I love you JulianaYoure the best..Thank you so much..xoxoxoxo

28 November 2007

Today I had a speech about Thai history. Its plenty of difficult words and hard to explain so I was very nervous, but finally I did it very well. Juliana told me she was very proud of me. Every time when I have a speech or presentation I always forget my script I prepare but I add other information instead.Moreover, my hand so freeze and shake too, so I must put my hands into a pocket.Terrible!!! Why Im always nervous.

AhI forget telling something. You know Juliana started teaching me since this Monday and shell be a permanent teacher in advance class. Many people said shes so tough, but in my opinion she is a very good teacher..I feel happy again after studied with her.

More....many days ago I wrote a small article about Australian education ..ummm actually it should be a small comment because too short. I wanna show you

4 December 07

Yesterday my friend name "Shan" told me she gonna back Korea this Friday. I was so surprise because I started to study in the same day and it's impossible to go back now. She said she got a working holiday visa, which she had time to study just 6 months but she studied for 9 months so she had a problem with immigration...That's why she go back too early.....She told me her fiancee is waiting her at Korea and she'll get married next year. She showed me her ring, which was kept in her wallet.....I'd never known before.....She invited me to her wedding too, but I didn't answer her just said I would try to.....We were a good friend for all 6 months, even though we'd never study in the same class.....Congratulations!!!!!! I hope one day I'll meet you again.....

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