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September.....Spring Come Up!!!

Sightseeing again with my friend!!!!

1 September 07

My friend arrived for 3 days and we sightseeing around the city and hanged out together. But today I cant go with them because they want to go to Taronga Zoo which I been already and I pain my feet moreover I catch a cold for a week.

We took photos together Im so happy. Yesterday we went to The Rock and we ate pancakes at Pancake on The Rock the taste is very nice but its too much. Next time Ill show you my photo because I used my friends camera. The place that we went I used to go but somewhere I didnt take a photo.

We went to Botanic Garden its near The Opera House at Circular Quay area we took a lot of photo and the first day that they arrived we went to Center point or Sky Tower I paid $18.50 and my friend paid more than me because Ive got a student card for went to up stair and just look around Sydney. Its the first and the last time I willing to paid. Do you know??? I think maybe Bangkok more beautiful than I saw a lot of building and houses from there it looks similar my country.

View from Sky tower!!!

The Rock!!!

Pancake on The Rock!!!

Opera House!!!

Botanic Garder!!!

Darling Harbour and other!!!

Royal National Park and Kiama

2 September 2007

Today I went to the south of Sydney with auntie Lek and uncle Mal but my friend went to Blue Mountains I been there so I didnt go with them and uncle Mal decided to go there before they came.

We used the way to Wollongong and the first destination is Royal National Park I must pay $11 for the car pass. I didnt take photos just took video clip because it isnt allow to park on the road but can BBQ in daytime only this place close in night time. There have a lot of trees and every tree is very tall. This way can went through Kiama.

The end of the park is cliff you can walk if you want to go another place but I stop the car for a while and just took some photos at Otford Lookout. The scenery is very beautiful I cant explain how it is beautiful you must see by yourself. Next to Otford Lookout is Bald Hill here you will see the village and the bridge that was built to follow the edge of cliff. I saw an automatic public toilet which Ive never seen before. I took a clip at the toilet and want you to see it. You know??? Here a toilet very clean and everywhere have toilet tissue.

Then we go forward to Kiama. There is the blow hole which wave hit to the hole and water throw out of the hole look like a fountain. (Sorry if you dont understand because I dont know how I can explain.) I took many photos and some clip when the water throw out of the hole. Its fantastic I saw the rainbow too. After that I ate lunch that I brought from home. Im so happy because I ate and saw a view in the same time. When I already lunch I went home..Happy trip even though its a small trip !!!

Otford Lookout!!!

Bald Hill!!!

Automatic Toilet!!!

Kiama : The Blow Hole!!!

Bondi Beach

3 September 2007

Today my friends will go back home at 9.00 PM so I went to Bondi Beach with them but we just look around and took photo. Then we bought things at Roxy shop which you can see it everywhere (I mean Roxy, Quicksilver, Ripcurl and Billabong shop) and a price cheaper than Thailand. After finished shopping we ate lunch at Westfield and went to Central Station. We said goodbye here I went back home and my friend went to changed something at The Rock. I couldnt go with them because this week I have a holiday so today I bought return ticket not weekly ticket.

Bye Bye.Juney and G-Gift.Thank you for this trip eventhough somewhere I didnt go with you but I saw your picture I know youre so happy and Im really really happy too. See you next year!!!!!

Bondi Beach!!!

13 September 07

Today in afternoon class I and my friend name Justin had oral presentation about Sydney tour which in this situation we're a travel agency and have to recommend about places in Sydney. I prepared a script already but I didn't use it I think and present at the same time.

Before I presented I'm very exciting but when everything finished I'm very happy I told myself I didn't believe I can do that. I couldn't remember what I talk about but Cody (my teacher) told me you're good marketing and something I couldn't remember.

Tomorrow I'll go to the beach and cook BBQ at lunch because two friends are graduated so we've some party. All of friends are Korean except me only 555. Now i'm so sleepy.....See you later....

Made BBQ at Bronte Beach.

14 September 07

Today I and my classmates (3 men and 7 women) went to Bronte Beach which theres near Bondi Beach. This trip was set for 2 friends who graduated in this week.

In the morning we studied half period of class and around 10.40am we ran away from movie class then we went to Coles (Earns &Young branch) and we pay each $10 for buy something to made BBQ. After finished shopping we walked to Hyde Park and take bus to there ($2.90 per person). We bought beef, bacon, kangaroo meat, beer, white wine, soft drink and some snacks when we arrive around 12.30 the weather was very clear. There is a small beach and has small place for picnic and made BBQ. We grill meat and ate them in front of grill which the picnic table not necessary for us.

After finished lunch we played some games which my friend created and who lose in each game was punished for example drink or was ordered to do something. I always lose and some punishment I couldnt do for example kisses (OMG!!! Ive never been) so I must drink instead but I rarely drink. I drank just a little I felt my body and my throat getting hot but fortunately rain was coming so we must stop game and walked to the beach and took photos together (just slept cause drink too much555). While it was raining we didnt do anything just talked and waited when stop rain we went home..

Today Im so happy sometime I couldnt understand all of conversation because they talked Korean but they tried to talk in English for me. Nice to meet you all and good luck to everyone!!!! One day well meet again

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im so busy for doing assg.
i gonna die soon.

im waiting for holiday times ... next week
but before that, i have to finish 3 assg.

now i havent done yet ...
i wanna back to thailand now

miss u na.

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