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Bye Bye Sydney.Bye Bye Australia.

14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day

This Saturday I will go back home and I dont know when I will come back again maybe never ever

Nearly 8 months in SydneyThis is the best moment in my life. There was consisting of sadness and happiness that Id never met. Id never stayed far away from my parents, but I did. Staying here makes me realize about my life in Thailand, which was very comfortable and I was so lucky because I have the best family who always understand and rely everything I do.

Mom, Dad and Liu!!! I love youI will go back to our home sweet home and will not leave you to anywhere.I really miss you. Everyday I count down to the day I will see you. Only 2 days!!!!

After I go back I promise I will be your same good girl and will find a new job urgently..

Good bye my friend!!! I hope to see you again in Thailand 1 year 2 years or more than its doesnt matter.Im waiting you in our country na ja..Have a luck!!!

Bye Bye for now..See you later..

17 February 08

I arrived home since last night and also I slept very well but I woke up too early I think maybe Im a bit confuse about time different.

This time I ate almost all of meals on the plane and I didnt cry na.but I couldnt sleep on there when I nearly slept they turned a light on and served a meal.What do you think????

By the way, today I met friends you know everyone told Im so dark.Ummm I know I know!!!

Ahh!!! One more thing!!!! My area have got a new bus line and some lines were replaced by a new bus too it look so good laso I can go to China Town, SaPanPhud or Central Ladpraw more easier, by the way, BKK still hot. Yesterday first time when I walked out of the airport and would go to a car park a lot of sweat came up which I never have when I stayed in Australia..So hot!!!!

Now I have a job at our restaurant which is cleaner such as plate, glass, etc. Actually I dont like this job but I cant refuse because there is my restaurant so I have to do.

I miss atmosphere when I stayed at PAnns house I suppose if I have more money I will buy a room like that, but now I have to manage my room coz its so messy I cant put anything in my room so my luggage and my clothes still leave out side. I dont have enough area to put them in..and I dont understand why I take nonsense things together with me which I cant use for example today I found some shirt to wear but I couldnt I have just jeans and shorts.Terrible!!! Where are my clothes??? All of them are in Sydney 555555!!!!!! Maybe go back and take them to BKK!!!!55555

18 February 08

This morning I woke up early again then I managed my room but its not finish yet. I think I should buy new box for put my things inside

I forget one thing!!! Yesterday I bought 3 CDs which Ive never bought them for a long time I cant remember when. I bought coz when I compare a price between Thailand and Australia you know our CDs therere so cheap la..

One more thing, yesterday I saw Liu's picture@Koh Kood....She's so cute and look like model la, so I wanna show my sister's picture at my blog, actually she took more pix but I can't find...ei ei ei....Let's see only 3 pix na ja!!!!

28 Feb 08

Nearly 2 weeks I come back home, but I do nothing. Yesterday I bought some clothes for apply a's too difficult to find my size I walked from Pratunam, Central World, Paragon, MBK and I've found them at Siam Square. I don't lose any weight that's why I can't wear.....

Actually today I gonna go to take a photo but Daddy went to see a doctor I have to look after our restaurant....

555Tomorrow I'll see my friends and on Sunday I'll see another group...The first group is Mahidol's friend and second group is Triampat's friend....very long time no see them I can't remember how many year. I know many friend already got married but other including me not yet and I don't know when....A few days ago I heard daddy want to have a grandchild, however I can't coz I don't have any boyfriend even one boyfriend in my life I you're waiting maybe 2 or 3 years or never ever5555.....

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