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Went to Katoomba and saw Three Sisters at Blue Mountain .

29 July 07

Today I went to Blue Mountain with uncle Mal and auntie Lek. We drove a car and take time about 1.5 hours. You can go by train and take bus but I dont know how much money you will pay. The weather was very clearI love it.

When I arrived and went out side car Ohhhh.very cold I couldnt step my legs. The first place is Cahill lookout and then I went to Eagle Hawk lookout its very nice. Then I went to scenic world this place is the cable car station but I didnt take the cable car because its very expensive. I just walked around and take some photothat enough for me..

I bought some souvenirs: 2 pieces of animal dolls (baby emu& baby kangaroo) just 5 AUD but if you buy only one piece its 3 AUD and I bought a three sisters magnet is 4.95 AUD.

After I ate lunch (I bring it from home) I went to Echo Point this place is very very beautiful. I saw all of the Blue Mountain and Three sisters so close up..I want you to see there by yourselves..

And the last place I went is Wentworth Falls its a water fall. You must walk about 1.5 hours to see there close but I couldnt I just saw at the lookout point.

I have some photos to show you

At Cahill lookout

Eagle Hawk lookout

At scenic world and walk around.

Cable cars price

Echo Point & Three Sisters & Blue Mountains view

Wentworth Falls

Anyway, its enough for today..and next week Ill go to snow If a schedule not change.I ll show some photo later..Bye Bye

p.s. Im so sorry if my English is wrong. Ill improve na ja

31 July 07

Finally, I already ate some doughnut after I want it for 2 weeks. Today I would like to talk about my school...When I talk with Thai student I alway forgot I can talk Thai because almost my classmate are Korean....So I used English only....Good!!!!

Do you know? Before I came to here I had negative thinking with Korean. Someone know my reason...But now I have changed my mind already I like them.... In here you can see people smoke everywhere not except the woman who pregnant....

Last week, after I had read GeGe message in English board I think his messages are difficult to understand (For me only) because I usually use a simply word and never use the word like him. His sentence look strange, but it's truely GeGe message I'm confident.... Maybe I think I'm stupid so confuse in it....... Nevertheless, I still love his word&style and want to read more na ja......

Time to study....Bye bye for today ka....

2 August 07

This weekend I don't to go to Canberra because it very expensive (about AUD200) and tomorrow my friend comes from Melbourne I want to meet her.

Everyday I go to SJ's website and I discovered something it isn't a good thing for SJ but good for me and all fans 555 (I can collect smt in that web la555). I alway see his web for include the number of click but don't post anything just see and smile in front of the screen.

Do you remember....when GeGe went to Melbourne many years ago that he hand out some newspaper. Right now, I get a free newspaper everyday and I think of him at that time.....On 17 Aug Thai fans will see him again I so jealous you.....Could anybody record them for me????? I want to watch Dr.Su in Thai language.....

The last one for today, thanks P'Pip (if you come in) for encourage...I'll improve for better. Now I talk Thai not much my friend are Korean. Everyday I eat lunch with them and we share some food together. Next time I will show their picture na ka....Now, Bye Bye ka....

8 August 07

Last Friday I went to fish market with my teacher before I went there I imagine it's a big place but it's very different from my imagination just has a few shops and each shop has a counter for order.... After that I went to Star City, which is a big casino but I didn't go inside because I didn't bring my passport together. So, I must be came back home. While I walked to the station I pass the Darling Harbour and I saw the big ship under there. It look familiar I remind my memory for a while.....I remembered!!! It's the ship which GeGe took photo with.... But that day was a terrible day. It had rain all day I decided to come back again in few day.

Monday I went to Darling Harbour again but I got lost the way before I arrived there (I alway get lost here sometime I remember the way but can't remember building or can't remember both 555) I took some photo and I'll show you later. That day I met my friend she come from Melbourne for holiday. I just talked with her a bit because she bought a ticket for saw the Center Point and at that time nearly noon I felt hungry. Moreover, I pain my feet so I said goodbye her and hope once day I'll come to Melbourne and meet her....

Now...time to study...Bye Bye.....c u later na ka

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881 ...

: P'Pip IP: ѹ: 29 áҤ 2550 :22:10:09 .  

great trip!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm so jealous u that u went to many beautiful places
and i'll go there(sydney) on this friday
and i'll call u na.

maybe we can meet there.

: joyce IP: ѹ: 31 áҤ 2550 :20:56:26 .  

Beautiful so much (the location na)


Mum see your picture with me , she's surprise why you are there.

Everyone be ok ,whatever take care of you na

here is rainy but overthere is cool

: liu_liu IP: ѹ: 4 ԧҤ 2550 :12:26:21 .  

i'm so sorry that we had a short conversation

i know we met and talked together for a short time, but i hope we'll meet again as soon as possible that depends on money and time.

miss u na.

: en_joyce IP: ѹ: 11 ԧҤ 2550 :18:04:31 .  

Miss U

: jew IP: ѹ: 11 ԧҤ 2550 :21:28:49 .  

Hi p'au
I saw your pictures ... So beautiful .
How r u ? I think that you are so happy .

It's challenge for life ..

Teaching English at AUS to method .
Pls give info..

Take care of yourself naja .

: Ple IP: ѹ: 22 ԧҤ 2550 :12:47:32 .  

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