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Today is my birthday......

8 March 08
I haven't come to update my blog for several days because nothing interesting at this moment. I applied about 6 jobs and most of them are banking just one is another business...I appiled for Exxon Mobil in the position of product&Inventory something like that, but i don't think i get this job.....

Today is my birthday. Actually I wanna do something on my BD but I already changed my mind maybe do it later because if it's not success I'll hate this day forever....some friends know what i want to do before555....Secret!!!

Thank you for every sms, every call and every card especialy from P''re so early, I've got your sms since 21.40 last night and also P'Jeep, Pook, P'Ann, G-Gift...etc...

Now, I'm so happy with my family, however, I really miss Sydney too. Sometime I think if I stayed in Sydney now what I would do at this moment....How about the weather in Sydney? Is it cold?....

I get sprained at my back for 4 days and not better yet. It's very hard to sleep and move my body. Moreover I've a cold but now I get better. So terrible!!!! Accually today I wanna go outside but it depend on my symptom.....

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