YOU are not afraid. You think YOU are afraid. ~Shantimayi~

I tried.
But it seems like it's never be good enough.
It's all about language.
Can I say that?

This is tiring. I don't know what I am trying for.
I remember that enthusiastic class. 
I remember that.
But I slowly forget the feeling when I picked that card.

It's not been a year yet.
But I feel so tired and lost.
It's alsmost a hopeless feeling.
Is this path for me?
This is the first time I'm asking myself this question.
Will I ever be good enough for myself to respect myself
without other poeple's validation?

I did try my best.
But no one sees it.
I'm tired. So tired.
Tired to make myself accept the way I am.

I've never been to the top.
And I wonder why.
Is it because I'm really not good enough to be on the top?
Or is it because my thoughs stop myself from going up there?

What creats this much inconfidence in me?

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I'm on the rooftop

pavement and stars.

hardly no day
nor hardly no night

There're things...
half in shadow
and half way in light

It's where...
I gather my thoughts
and grow my dreams

are scattered
all around

In my words,
my songs,
my dance.

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