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ЪҤ͸ԡúԷ¹ҹҪҵ (IAUP XIV Triennial Conference)

ҷԵ˹ҷҷԵҡѹ繵仨էҹЪ͸ԡúբͧҤ͸ԡúըҡš (International Association of University Presidents- IAUP) »չҾԷ ͧͺس سǴ Χ ¤Ѻ ԭԨ ٨ҡªͼǢͷѴ ͹ҧçѺʹФѴͧҡ

ԭ ¤Ѻ

ǹѹѧա÷ Է繡 价Ѻз Ấ ҹҡ ԴҤйʹء (仴پѲҡôҹῪ蹢ͧ ѡ֡¹ )

ǹѹظ֧ءաûЪ͡ѧѹǢ͵ҧ ѷ դ Ҿٴ¤ ҷ Jane Goodall 觡 , President Lee Bolinger ͸ԡúչѡ ѡ ͧ affirmative action ҧ, Ramos Hosta Ӫǵ ͸ԡúըҡԷ·ժ§ҧ ҡš

ѺԡҼդ蹪ѷ·ҹ Ѻç˹͸ԡúբͧԷ´ѧ ǹ˭繼պؤԡդö٧ѹ᷺駹 繵˹觷ժ§õԤس٧ ͺ㹵͹ Susan Hockfield ͸ԡúբͧ MIT 繼˭ԧ ͸ԡúբͧ Stanford, John Hennessy ١ееԴԹ Ҿ㹷ҧҹǡѺҡ͹ ǹ Don M. Randel ͸ԡúբͧԷªԤʵҨҹ ͸ԡúբͧ Caltech, David Baltimore 繹ѡԷʵ觡ҨöдѺҧҡ͹ դҡ´դѺ

Դ͸ԡúӤѭͧԷ Է¨дԹ§ շȷҧẺ˹ ͸ԡúǹҡ ¡ҧ . ҡó (´·ҹ͸ԡúҹ ӻªѺ ͹͹ҹҧɰʵ ) ҡäѴ͸ԡúբͧҹաͧͧӹҨмŻªǢͧҡҴ˹ ҡö餹 繼Է ´

ҡô ҡѧࡵó㹤駹ҨѧСѹѺ

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: IP: ѹ: 12 áҤ 2548 :2:11:24 .  

Too bad I don't get to go. But it sounds like an interesting event. David Baltimore was, before he was appointed to the presidency of Caltech, and still is an active virologist working extensively on his research. Recently, he was awarded more than $10 milion by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to perform work on HIV and other dangerous pathogens. His work and accomplishment is highly impressive. Since Caltech is a high-profile research institution and the scientific tradition has been carried on for so long, Baltimore as a president had no other choice but to follow the scientific legends Caltech always contributes to the society.

: CIT IP: ѹ: 13 áҤ 2548 :6:07:37 .  

ҷѡ ʺ´չФ

: prncess IP: ѹ: 13 áҤ 2548 :9:44:21 .  

ҹ Դ֧ ʺ´չФ

: Ǥ (sutida_jeaw ) ѹ: 14 áҤ 2548 :7:56:19 .  

waiting to see your next article on this conference.

: Tony Almeida ѹ: 15 áҤ 2548 :6:50:21 .  

hey~~ that sounds like fun!!! :) Unfortunately, i won't be home in time for that.. :'(

But anyway... just wanted to share a good news w/ you ka... i passed my prelims!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

So, now I have to figure out what to do with my summer... *laughs* I was kinda expecting that I'll have to spend it studying.g.. ^^% Any suggestion?

: no-i IP: ѹ: 15 áҤ 2548 :19:26:44 .  

Big Congrats to Noi ͡Ҽҹ !!!!

任ЪʹءդѺ ˹¹Դ˹ ѹ ҧ ѺͧҡतѺ 仹觿ѧԹ ѧٴѧҹҹ

Jane Goodall ٴդѺ ؤԡ͹ǡѡԪҡʵբͧѧؤ Ẻ Virginia Woolf Joan Robinson (ѡɰʵ) ѧѧ (٨ҡٻ ͡Ѻͧ͡)ա͹ԧỹѧ ѧǢء

˹¨ԧ authority ͧԧỹ (ѺʹѺ˹ѧͧ Gorrilla in the Mist)

ǧѧ๵Ѻ ѧ䧨 update blog soon ФѺ

: b.f.pinkerton IP: ѹ: 18 áҤ 2548 :9:47:01 .  


: StarApple IP: ѹ: 23 áҤ 2548 :6:56:48 .  

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