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Good movie (waiting) list

Apollo 13
A Few Good Men
- The change from self-centered to selfless leadership
Cool Hand Luke
- How leaders "pay the price" for others and can be trapped by their own image
Forrest Gump
- Doing the right things; the serendipitous (and lucky) side of having integrity
- Yeah, it's Ghandi, 'nuff said.
Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King
- Aragorn as self-sacrifice; Gandalf as wise counselor; Frodo as conflicted decision-maker (this one has it all)
Master and Commander
Mr. Holland's Opus
- While we're "doing" leadership, the most profound influence we have may be deeper than anything we can possibly measure.
Schindler's List
- How sometimes a leader should shift his values and actions, and the lasting results of a leader adopting more virtuous values.
School of Rock
- Team building, helping people find their proper place in the organization, being willing to give leadership and credit away
The Godfather
- For Michael Corleone, it was all about development of a leader
The Lion King
- Simba questions himself and then comes into his own
The Matrix
- Morpheous to Neo: "I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it". analogy for evangelism or mentoring
The Passion of the Christ
- Ditto, but Jesus. so all the more 'nuff said.
The Last Samurai

Sport Movies
- On building a team with the right players, and coaching each individual for their individual role
Remember the Titans
- On changing the culture of a team and a town
- On overcoming all odds as an underdog

War Movies
Bridge Over the River Kwai
- On how devotion to one goal can cause a leader to lose focus on the overall mission
A Bridge Too Far
- On the effects of top leadership decisions in the trenches-and the implications of failure in war
Saving Private Ryan
- On heroism and sacrifice for brothers-in-arms
We Were Soldiers
- For examining the character Lt Colonel Hal Moore and his leadership
Great Escape
- Amazing ingenuity, persistence and teamwork escaping from a Nazi prisoner of war camp
- Vision casting, overcoming all odds, inspiring other leaders, compromise, etc.

Meeting Movies
Twelve Angry Men
- On changing the minds of others through conversation; the art of persuasion in a meeting
- On the tragic consequences of a meeting where power and genocide were up for grabs

How Not To Lead Movies
The Second Chance
- Michael W. Smith in a surprisingly good role as a bad leader
Office Space
- On how not to lead an office culture, one of the most hilarious stupid bosses in movie history!
Star Wars Episodes I - III
- For the Emperor/Anakin leadership manipulation dynamic

Mentoring Movies
Finding Forrester
- On how mentoring and investing in the next generation frees us both.
Training Day
- When you start to believe your own lies as a leader; ethics, cops & gangs in the streets of L.A.
Dead Poet's Society
- Mentoring and dreaming for others
Bull Durham
- On moving from doing oneself to teaching others

Go Regional
A Bug's Life
Atlantis 1
Finding Nemo

Inconvenient Truth
Day after Tomorrow

Al Pacino

How about your list?

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คลิกๆๆ รูปสวยๆน่ารักๆไว้ส่งต่อเพียบ...


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