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Celebrate our serenade

Please let your arm hold me tight
Let's lull the precious serenade beside my ear
We'll fall in each other arm

Hand to hand
Face to face
Eye to eye
Lips to Lips
Heart to heart

The Sweetest word, we don't say
But we feel it...

Wish the time to stop...
And make this moment last forever...
Either in our memory or our dream...

The serenade resound around our soar bodies..
All I have to do is hold you...
And Show you my insatiable love...

You always wake me up with your lingering kiss...
You took my heart with you..
and it's always there...

Please my babe,
I wanna sleep in your arm again and again...
Just only you who make me feel warm...

Please Kiss me and Hug me,
To confirm that you would not left me alone again...

Hold me tight, Kiss me gently
Let the moonlight plays upon our skin over again and again.

To be a promise that you and me will be together.
Let the serenade lulls us till sleep inside each other!


I Still LOVE MUSIC....


I Still FALL IN LOVE with MUSICIAN....!!!

I'm still f*cking love ya BABE!!

Miss you loaddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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