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silly thought came up in new years's day

Friday, January 1, 2010 at 3:59am via Mobile Phone

Happy new year 2012 ka
This is the first note of the year and also the first note written via mobile phone.
I can't sleep tonight but i can't stay in front of computer screen anymore.
I'm lying on the bed right now, picking my phone, reading the message in my FB's inbox, revising the good and bad memory in last year.
It'a really amazing that i just realize that last year i said ”I WANT TO KNOW YOU MORE” to one guy too many times and now we like we don't know each other before.
It didn't take a long time for this strange relationship but who carwa about the times?
Feeling doesn't depend on how long yoy know each other, does it?
Yeah, it happened fast and also ended so fast too. However, i just let it happen. I can't do anthing except try to accept it.
Now, it's a time of happinesx in New year's day and i am just pulled back by the memory stream which i can't resist, never and ever.
Wht i try to do is just let it happen again 'n again til i can bear it ;))
Yeah, it's new year, but we can't leave our past memory. It's a deniable fact that ONCE it happened and sunk into our deep memory and how long the time flies,,, it was the matter of the things that we can't pretend that it never happen :))

Happy new year.
hope the others will start a new year with better thought than me . :)

God bless y'all ka.

wht i tried to say is last year i do have a strange, complicated and tragic relationship, 555

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