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11 มีนาคม 2553
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January 2009~~New Born Me!~~

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Hello, this is me. I'm just born 1 day old 50 cm. long and 3.052 kg. on 23rd Jan 2009 at 9.56 pm. Who I'm look like the most between mom and dad ? Well, I'm pink baby...he he... (that what my dad said) and people talk that I'm copy right from my daddySmiley ....but mommy,don't be sad "I love you anyway" lol. 

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I'm a good boy, not cry too much and only eat and sleep. I got 3 people !! to take care of me in the hospital.

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I'm back home now, sleepy ...he he..

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This is my grand-mom....joob joob.

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