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Juno (2007): I'm Pregnant

Juno ˹ѧ comedy-drama ҹ¹ͧ Diablo Cody. ˹ѧѡ 繷蹪ͺͧ椹 Juno ԡѹ Ǣҧҹ (¡ҹ ࡧ׹ ͧҼ ¡͵ T ҧ о)
All I want is you (Juno soundtrack)

ѺѭҷԴ鹤ͷͧ зչ ˹ѧͧѺѭ Ѻ͡Ѻѭ Ό ͹ͺҧ աûй ͵͡ Ѻ觷Դ ¡ѹҷҧ͡ ҹҾԵJunoѺʹ еҫ觤 ҡ

Juno ѧҡ Ҵͧ ѧö蹺ͧ ˡҡ⡹Ẻ Թ蹵ҧ ͡蹡Ѻ͹

˵Դ ⫿........ I'm Pregnant

繻ѭԴ ѧ?????
Juno Paulie Bleeker ͹ʹԷͧ

Juno : I'm Pregnant

Bleeker : What should we do about?I guess do whatever you think you should do, you know?
Ҩзѧ䧴աѺͧ ѹԴҤسԴѧ䧤سз....ǧٴẺ .......

Juno : Oh sorry I've sex with you I know it wasn't like your idea.
Whose idea was it?I 'll see you at scool , all right?
ѹsexѺس ҤԴ͹ѹ Դͧسѧ ͡ѹç¹Сҹ

Source ://img87.imageshack.us/img87/9563/suchinuw4.png
Juno 价 ͹зǧ˹ҷ
All babies want to get borned. »зǧ ˹ҤչԤ
͹к͡ : your Baby probably has a beating heart. you know
God appreciates your miracles.
§㨢ͧ١ ҷç;зȨͧ

Juno 仺͡͹ʹԷ Leah
Juno : I'm Pregnant
͹ʹԷ ¡ѹҤͺ Ѻ§١ͧ Pennysaver(˹ѧ;ᨡ ҧ͹˹ͧ͢ԡ) Mark and Venessa 繤ͺػ
оҨ仺͡͡§㨴(Step - mother)

Juno :Except for maybe mercy Like, it would be friggin'sweet if no one hit me.
˹١ФҴѧ͹Ѻͤ ѹдҡõ˹

I'm Pregnant

I already found the perfect couple. They're gonna pay for medical expenses and everything We can just pretend that this never happened. ˹ҤͺǷٳẺ ǡҾШ¤Ҥµҧ ͷˡ駷ѹԴ

ͶMac : Your're thinking about adoption
: It's probaly tougher than you can understand right now.
juno And i... It's just that i'm not ready to be a mon
ҧդʹ֧㹵͹ Ъ ѹ ͹ѧ繷

Ѵ þ
Somebody else is gonna find a precious blessing from jesus in this garbage dump of a situation.
ѺúҧҤդ㹡â;èҡ« ʶҹó͹жѧй

ΌҷӤ㨡ѹ ҧ繤

;Ҩ仾Mark Venessa

Juno MacGuff: Cant we just like kick this old school? You know, like, I stick the baby in a basket, send it your way, like Moses and the reeds?
͹ç¹ ˹١Сǡ价ҧҹس ͹㹵С˭ὡ

Mark Loring: Technically that would be Old Testament.

ͺJono仵Ǩͧ 仡͹

˹ҷ: Would you like to know the sex?

Juno :Well, no I want Mark and Venessa to be surprise.
They are the adoptive parents.
ͧMark and Venessa Ҵ ǡҤͤͺǾحͧ
what 's that supposed to mean?
˹ҷ:I just see a lot of teenages mothers come through here.
It's obviously a poisonous environment.
ҷ ԧ ǡ ǴϾ

juno: How do you know that I'm so poisonous, you know ? Like , what if these adoptive parents turn out to be, like , evil molesters?
سѧҪ鹡繾ɴ ͹Ѻ ͺǾحС繻Ҩ ѵҴ
͹ Or like stage parents?
Yeah what is your job title exactly?
˹ҷ I'm an ultrasound technician, ma'am
Well I'm a nail technician. and I think we both ought to stick to what we know.
鹡Ъҧ Ъ鹤Դҷ駤ҷáѹ
˹ҷ Excume?
Oh you think you're so special cause you get to play picture pages up there? My five year old doughter could do that and let me tell you.
سԴҤس繤ɷٻ ١ա ҢǺзСк͡س

Mark 㨨⹤Դ ͧǹ˹觢ͧǤMark
͡ You don't understand Mark is a married man.

Mark and Venessa Сҹ "bad timingõѴԹ͡ҷش" ҢѴѧ з˹Һҹ "Vanessa: If you're still in, I'm still in. -Juno."
Mark and Venessa 㨡ѹ 굨 ͺԴ輹ѧ֧֡

Juno ѺʹФ¡о

I just wonder if like two people can stay together for good
you mean , like a couples ?yeah like people in love
˹ʧҶҤͧ¡ѹդآ ͹Ѻ¡ѹ¤ѡ
Are you having boy trouble?
Couse I got to be honest I don't really much approve of you dating in your condition. that's kind of messed up
ջѭҡѺΌ ٨͹ 鹤͡觷

⹡СѺ㨡Ό I think I love with you

⹤ʹ١͡ վ Ό ϡѧ ¡١ Venessa Ш⹡СѺԵẺ պѡҹ蹡յBleeker
Anyone Else But You - Michael Cera and Ellen Page

JUNO: Ellen and Diablo On Becoming an Adult

Source ://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809834191/photo/stills


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Һͧ ѴѹһФ

What if I have to put one single word for this movie, what would it be? "Great"? Perhaps. "Funny"? Well, kind of. Wait...I know it, "irresistible". Although I didn't completely fall head over the heel for this movie (like the most people out there). But I can't help but fell in love with every single character in this little wonder.

Made no mistake about it, Ellen Page as titular character, Juno, is totally own this movie. It's really surprised to see these wonderful cast (Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons) build around this amazing 21-years-old actress. I once said in the review of "Hard Candy" that - trust me, she will be a star. I never thought that it will be this soon.

There is no problem with this movie at all. The songs are perfect (just like "Garden State's Original Soundtrack" which came to my mind). The script is sharp and funny (by former stripper to OSCAR-winning writer, Diablo Cody). It was directed by very promising young director, Jason Reitman (Thank You for Smoking). But, maybe it's just me, I'm kind of feel the vibe of manipulation along the way. The world is so bright around Juno's world. She learned her lesson and stay with a person who can "share her ups and downs". I mean, that's very rare to happen with a 16-years old girl who unexpectedly got herself pregnant, right?

Well, that's movie. It's a make believe machine. When someone is so irresistible or likable as Juno, one cannot help but hope for something wonderful happening to her life. It's wishful thinking that can elude you from the real world we live in for a little while. No harm in that, right?

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ͺ ͧ ¹ Դ ѧҵJunoա
Diablo ɳ繡ٴҷԡ ҨѴµõ ͷӧҹͿԵ ͺ к ¹˹ѧʹա .................ѧ

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