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Zurichsee Ferry, Where a new friend is...

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3 April 2006
Zurichsee Cruise

I'm talking about "Friendship is everywhere!" just like "Love is in the air!"

Last blog, I met Rita & Anita on flight TG922 to Frankfurt already.. Now A Star of Friendship blink me a new friend here in Zurich...

Not this standing Ganymed & a hawk..

But behind them, in the river... Overthere...

Where the story begins...

After Airy (no pix) and Pooky (standing at the pier) and Jazza (Namit) came back from Visiting Luzern
[Coming soon on blog ZogZag Vol.17 Luzern, The must to visit...]
There still be much time to hang around Zurich CBD. So we decided to cruise the river by a ferry...
Just to take beautiful scenery of both river banks...
But Airy was so sleepy, So she didn't join us...

we took this glassy ferry...
It's very warm (actually hot) inside like we sitting in a Glass home effect experiment lab...
It took about an hour to cruise and return...

Took a lot of pix, but none together, so I tried to position my cam on the front seat for timer shot...
It's not that easy for pilot to do this job...
Flying the plane is much easier...
So I waste much of time just to find an equilibrium piont of my Canon Ixy600 on a seat handle...
Then...There was a soft tone voice behind...

"Shall I take a pix for you?"

I turned around and saw a big guy look so friendly who just offered us his hand...
So we got his together pix...

After brief introduction, his name is "Basharatiqbal" or just "Bash" for short...
He is a trainer at some fitness center.. (Sorry Bash I couldn't recognize its name)

Bash said we're so lucky, The sun just started to shine a few days ago.. We're getting Summer here.. Before that, there was only rain and snow....
It's shiny today, and it's Bash's day off... So he took a ferry cruise and met us...

Not every country I could find a local friend..

So I ask him about all interestings in Zurich, Bash point on a CBD map and said...

"Central", where youngster like you should go..

and offered to lead us there after cruise..

We got off a ferry and walked inbound along Hauptbahnhof Str.... Bash was nice! He guided us everything he could... On the way to Central, he leaded us to Open Air restaurant which is on the top floor of a departmentstore.. So nice and impressive atmosphere...

The more talking, the more generous mind we can sense from this old chum... Bash used to be a volunteer in Pakistan for 6 months... He is kinda Just live to give, and Just live to share...

At the cashier, Bash said "Let me pay! I'm a host!" and bought us "Blutorangen", My first time drinking this juice.. Nice tasted..

We sitted there for half an hour, listening to Bash told us many new facts about Switzerland... Such as...

- Thai woman just hire Swiss guy to marry for 4 years... Just to get Swiss Citizenship and then.. Divorce...
-Minimum wage for labour here is much more than Thai Pilot's income!
-Safety trip guaranteed by Goverment that there will be no crime happened in Switzerland...

What a nice city to live!!!

Pooky and Jazza also convinced Bash to visit Thailand, We got so many Amazings and Unseens which now were campaigned much on TV...

Bash said he'd love to! If he could.. he might see us there in Thailand..
Don't forget to call or email us.. or just leave a message in my blog....

Look like the rain will come again... So we canceled a plan to Central and say good bye to Bash... He still emphasized us to call him when we get a flight to Zurich again... He will be our guide if time permits..

What a nice guy!

So we took a pix together...
With the Star Observation Dome as a background...

Just like in the ferry... I looked for a nice position to place my camera for timer shot...
and I heard...
A young girl voice...

"Shall I take a pix for you?"

I thought in mind before turning back and said "Yah, Danke" to tiny voice owner...

Hehe.. Friendship is everywhere...


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