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I struggle to push myself back into writing. At present it's not that easy for me to write as same as I used to do in 2007-2009, the most crisis years of my life.  Looking back to all pieces of my Thai writing on, I wonder how I could create them. After reading my own blog again and again, I assumed that all sorts of my drive came from misery. Each piece of my Thai writing and interpretation involved with my heart’s contents. It looked like I had a vast collection of gloom on my mind waiting for something triggering me to burst a feeling of melancholy out into words. Once it was incredible that I could compose a metaphorical poem in twenty minutes when I was inattentively looking at the pouring rain through a window at home. Rain, red- brick fence and green grass in the lawn appearing outside brought about feelings of depression and loneliness to the bottom of my heart. Suddenly my brain started working allowed me to emerge such feelings literally. Rain was compared as my tears falling down, red-brick fence was like a large prison keeping me away from freedom and green grass flashed me on its resistance to get survival during a period of weather change for years. I, not far different from the grass, was tolerant to get through those bitter days. The title of this poem is “สรรพสิ่งรอบกาย” which means “The environment and I”.



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