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My love and rainbow

My love and rainbow

Appears after rain,
But not everytime,
It comes when it's time,
Though it comes, it's so high

Are like the beauty of rainbow,
come to smile then must go,
but not come to stay by,
when my heart is so tired

Once I would like to own rainbow,
So the sky, I tried hard to reach there,
In my eyes, I saw the stairs,
to climb up high and high

Yesterday, I found thing which made me cry,
Glittering smile your beloved one and you,
Embracing both of you were sons,
Oh!You can't be mine, that's true

So it's time I should forget rainbow,
Illusion I've grown on my mind,
Blink eyes just to deprive tears,
Must say goodbye to "Beautiful Rainbow".

Endeavour48 writes on Sep.9,2008

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An eagle would never soar,
If he didn't believe he could fly,
You'll never know what you can do,
If you never try.
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