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My erotic love by seekerone_44

My erotic love

“Come on, darling,” she spoke gently to me.

I heard such a caring voice whispering tenderly in my ears.
Slowly looking up to gaze at the speaker, who was turning her face so close to mine, I saw deep affection glowing in her eyes. Suddenly I felt a great warmth creeping into my heart like a parched throat having ambrosia poured into it. It was a long time ago that no one had soothed me like she did.

“I’ll never leave you alone as you’re the only one who understands me,” she promised.

Her sweet words made me feel pride that I was still of great value to someone.

“You truly love me, always stay beside me no matter whether I’m happy or sad,” she further murmured tenderly.

 “Let me hold you”. She stretched her arms to me, then I felt as if my whole body was enthralled in an embrace. Both arms were curled around me softly and tightening they tickled my chest. That made my body shake. Honestly I’d love to flop into those wrapping arms as long as possible so I pushed myself gently and lovingly to be closer to her, like a little bird keeping itself beneath the wings of its mother.
I felt one hand caressing my shoulder then moving along my arm to my finger tips. My hands were gently grasped together. At that moment my sense could feel a consoling tenderness flowing from the hands towards the bottom of my heart.

“Honey, you know! I want to wrap you in my arms every single day and night. Though your look may change as the time goes by, I won’t give up,” she spoke softly again as if to arouse my soul.

What a marvelous feeling of love I’ve ever met! I appreciated such verbal aptitude and physical touch giving me to have hope and faith for being alive. As if she could read my thought, she assured me again promisingly,

 “Trust me darling, I’ll be with you till the end of my day”

Tears came to my eyes irresistibly when I heard her last words. I blinked them away so as to gaze at her, the voice owner. In front of me was a mirror, reflecting myself caressing my body with my own two hands. It was only then I realized that the voice came from deep inside my subconscious giving me needed sympathy.

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Very nice - keep going.

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