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How could you feel so small when you love someone?

Here comes again.. Worst problem.. worse than a nuclear bomb.. I won't mention about it again.. too boring..

Sometimes, seeing others' grief is good for me. Don't take it wrong, I don't enjoy others' sadness but it could help me feel better when i feel so down. And I can see that my problems are so little and nonsense. I say all these because Ive just watched good morning Vietnam on the cable tv. It was so sad when they played the song What a wonderful world along with killing and chaos pictures. Is it true that anyone can really choose their own choice in the real life?

..Everything is just right in everyones head.. Its about the attitude.. They have to figure things out themselves, and so do i..

ohhh... it's hard to express in English cuz i'm such an idiot!!

I don't know what's wrong with my computer wa' I can't type in thai here.. it still worked in the afternoon na! HELP! ANYBODY, HELP!!

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... I feel so sad and can't help anything for you. First of alll, I try to perceive your words for a long long time; then I just tell myself... ummm ! maybe you really need help !

... I can't help you !!!

... "Don't get me wrong "

... but you can help me na. Just find this song for me, please ..... ^.^

... sang by The Pretenders ...woww

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it's all about the attitude.

Hope ur attitude helps u feel better soon


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: XXRAM ¹繻á (XXram ) ѹ: 19 Ҿѹ 2548 :4:34:36 .  

ͺ⤴ Don't Get Me Wrong

mp3 Һ͡Ф


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