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Shih Tzu dog

How to feed his Shih Tzu dog.

My stomach.Shih Tzu
That dog is pregnant, it requires a very high quality protein and fat intake in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, as well as to raise a dog. Or adult dogs in our daily diet to increase the weight of the dog in the last 3 weeks before the birth. Increased food intake by 15-20% by weight of the mother dog.
Prenatal 1-2 day, some dogs do not always eat or not eat it. But I find a place to give birth. The mother dog her first gold. Do not panic too. After delivery, it will eat his own precautions, do not come as too fat to burn in the labor force.
Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu puppies
My mother.
The mother dog food is not only my mother only. It must convey to the dog. By changing the milk. That's the amount of food I eat to increase by more than half of the week at 2 to 2 times and 3 times a week 3.
Shih Tzu
To further enhance the mother dog and the minerals calcium and phosphorus because these things will be different from the milk of its mother at the same time. My dog ​​has a lower calcium intake. Levels of the mineral is called. Low calcium conditions. I tightened the saliva of the dog shows symptoms of heat stroke here called Milk Fever or milk fever when you go to the doctor. The intravenous calcium is a doctor. May be significantly mitigated. The best way is to be protected by the addition of calcium to the diet mother. Light on the advice of a doctor. With that of natural food sources are milk, which will prevent such problems, as well.
Shih Tzu
Feeding your dog as a puppy.
Puppy that should be used to raise the age of 2 months and then weaned. Or if it's even bigger than this room easier. When the dog into a new day. If my dog ​​is a dog should be introduced to existing and dogs. The dog is different from the original environment. To be familiar with the new address. Because I was curious what the dog is new to me, so be it walking the dog, place or thing alone will make it feel different. The new facility is a warm, safe place where I do not get any, but for some small dogs when they are new. I have some problems. For example, it will whine because my mother and brothers to play together. When hungry, they whine. Because it may cause noisy solution howling dogs. May bring the sheets to sleep in the nest old puppy to sleep in the new pad. Puppies will have a smell. And that remains the same. Or the two dogs together. When I play it and I will not whine.Shih Tzu
In general, when a small dog I would like to sleep like a baby wakes up hungry, but I enjoy it when I was growing up I had to lie down. I wake up, eat and play more. Then it is familiar with and new places.
Puppies at the age of 4-5 months, it started rough hair coat than ever. Baby teeth are going to change the permanent teeth. There are four canine teeth in the mouth is itching like gnawing things in the house if any dog ​​bites in the home should be punished for recidivism should not get into the habit of playing the ball around to get a dog bite nibble 4-6. months will be like grazing land and many people are curious enough to eat a day for 7-8 months, it starts young. If a female is to be accounted for. Need special care. Do not breed in this age. Might make it. If the breeder should be on the age of 12-18 months is more appropriate.

In dogs.
In this age we can provide food that is commercially available, which are two popular types of food.
The food is very low moisture content is less than 10% are compressed into pellets that are made from raw beef, chicken or fish meal, etc., packing cardboard boxes.

Dry foods contain about 65-70% moisture content made from beef, horse meat, fish and still have a lump that is much more than canned dry.

The resort is a container to put the dog ate it. But I will not eat the other one because I do not accept some of these foods. It is because of the smell or taste or hardness is not. Must be trained to eat first. The trick with magic. That is probably a small amount of food in the restaurant business is often done in small increments, until finally the dog. All you can eat food, some guests may be that this is not instant. Authority to take it I do not eat it but I would not have lasted long. Finally, it would take. But be careful to see that she is willing to actually starve to death.

Older dogs.
I started the elderly will decline over time. Therefore, feeding should be the appropriate age of the dog. It should be easy to digest food. The space is there in large numbers. Foods with less fat. Foods that are high in protein. In order to be a part of the wear. The amount should not be too much since. This old dog is not active. Jogging a little with age. We eat food that is not useful unless it can cause bloating, tightening penalties for inflation.

In addition to the dog's diet will reduce the rate of the ordinary. Sometimes it was just a little. I do not eat or eat the food you might like. Delicatessen The soup and vitamins to help stimulate the appetite and strength of the hand.

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