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Scottish Terrier dog

Scottish terrier George is one of the descendants of the Scotch terrier George, the oldest of the same Dandy The Fairmont Waterfront Superior Crane, FL Superior and West Highland White terriers I also do not know the exact origin of this species. But if you look at the evidence that has come by. Shape and size of a small dog with wire hair is an important characteristic that indicates the purpose for which the origin of species. It was developed to hunt and kill wild animals such as foxes, the highest type of grinding procedure (with the size of a fox, a bear toe nails), ferrets and rats are a problem for farmers. Scot, in that the loss occurred, affecting the livelihood of these people have to depend on the productivity of arable land for his So the dog has been specially developed to be strong. Compact and have the courage to chase a herd of dogs, the most arduous. These characteristics are also a mark of this species to date, Scottish terriers prices up to 12 years of age.

25 cm to 28 cm in size and weight of 8 kg to 11 kg

The Scottish terrier is a small dog for every family, even though he was a dog show. How much sense. But the loyalty and integrity. It's all in the family, no limits. Even a dog that I owned. It may be somewhat limited. By strangers or other dogs who hound He will defend its own territory. Without fear of other dogs. The bigger the dog, he does have a high tolerance to the nature of children. Often with sensational The dog ignored. Even stranger, the carping about Scottish terrier George is a dog that has the same. With these features make it. Scottish Girl is an excellent guard dog.

Scottish terriers prices can coexist with other pets if the pet is ready and known beforehand. I can not find the house where the party can beat the Scots as guinea pigs, cats or other small pets.

Scottish terriers, a breed of ambitious and want to exercise regularly because it makes walking a dog with short legs, it's just not enough exercise, the Scottish community. May not be as good as I was walking. And that's important. Must be on leashes at all times. Because he is a dog with a dog in the chase. So if they see other animals such as cats may be right in front of him was hit by a car while chasing a feather under the supervision of the Scottish terrier was based on how your pet. For a party that is not to be contested. I just use a brush for a comb to comb the hair first and then the dog two times a week is sufficient.
Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier puppies

Although Scottish terriers will not need a high fence, but for his safety, they must ensure that the fence is safe for him. Especially if a pool in the house. Dogs may become destructive things if they do not pay attention or not enough stimulation for him. Make sure the environment. Free from harm dogs.

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