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Papillon Breed

Papillon Breed Standard

Toy Group

General Appearance

The Papillon is really a small, friendly, elegant toy dog of proper-boned structure, light, dainty as well as lively action distinguished using their company breeds by its beautiful butterfly-like ears.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size - Height at withers, 8 to 11 inches. Fault - Over 11 inches. Disqualification - Over one foot. Proportion - Body should be slightly more than the peak at withers. It's not a cobby dog. Weight is within proportion to height. Substance - Of proper-boned structure.


Eyes dark, round, not protruding, of medium size and alert in expression. The interior corners from the eyes are online using the stop. Eye rims black. Ears - The ears of either the erect or drop type ought to be large with rounded tips, and hang around the sides and toward the rear of the mind. (1) Ears from the erect type are transported obliquely and move such as the spread wings of the butterfly. When alert, each ear forms an position of roughly 45 levels towards the mind. The leather ought to be of sufficient strength to keep the erect position. (2) Ears from the drop type, referred to as Phalene, are the same erect type, but they are transported drooping and should be completely lower. Problems - Ears small, pointed, set excessive one ear up, or ears partially lower. Skull - The mind is small. The skull is of medium width and slightly rounded between your ears. A properly-defined stop is created in which the muzzle joins the skull. Muzzle - The muzzle is okay, abruptly thinner compared to mind, tapering towards the nose. The size of the muzzle in the tip from the nose to prevent is roughly one-third the size of the mind from tip of nose to occiput. Nose black, small, rounded and slightly flat on the top. The next fault will be seriously punished - Nose not black. Lips tight, thin and black. Tongue mustn't be visible when jaws are closed. Bite - Teeth must meet inside a scissors bite. Problems - Overshot or undershot.

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck of medium length. Topline - The backline is straight and level. Body - The chest area is of medium depth with ribs well sprung. The belly is hidden up. Tail lengthy, set high and transported well arched within the body. The tail is included having a lengthy, flowing plume. The plume may hang either to side from the body. Problems - Low-set tail one not arched within the back, or way too short.


Shoulders well toned and relaxed to permit freedom of motion. Forelegs slender, fine-boned and should be straight. Elimination of dewclaws on forelegs optional. Front ft thin and elongated (hare-like), pointing neither in nor out.


Well toned and well angulated. The hind legs are slender, fine-boned, and parallel when seen from behind. Hocks inclined neither in nor out. Dewclaws, if any, should be taken off hind legs. Hind ft thin and elongated (hare-like), pointing neither in nor out.


Abundant, lengthy, fine, smooth, flowing, straight with resilient quality, flat on back and sides of body. A profuse frill on chest. There's no undercoat. Hair short and close on skull, muzzle, front of forelegs, and from hind ft to hocks. Ears well fringed, using the inside engrossed in silken hair of medium length. Backs from the forelegs are engrossed in down diminishing towards the pasterns. Hind legs are covered towards the hocks with abundant breeches (culottes). Tail is included having a lengthy, flowing plume. Hair on ft is short, but fine tufts may seem over toes and grow beyond them, developing a place.


Always parti-color or whitened with patches associated with a color(s). Around the mind, color(s) apart from whitened must take care of both ears, front and back, and extend the whole time in the ears over both eyes. A clearly defined whitened blaze and noseband are preferred to some steadily marked mind. Symmetry of facial markings is desirable. The dimensions, shape, positioning, and presence or lack of patches of color on our bodies are without importance. One of the colors there's no preference, provided nose, eye rims and lips are very well pigmented black.

The next problems will be seriously punished - Color apart from whitened not covering both ears, front and back, or otherwise stretching in the ears over both eyes. A small extension from the whitened collar onto the bottom of the ears, or perhaps a couple of whitened fur interspersed one of the color, shall 't be punished, provided the butterfly appearance isn't sacrificed. Disqualifications - An exciting whitened dog or perhaps a dog without any whitened.

Papillon puppies

Free, quick, easy, elegant, not paddlefooted, or stiff in stylish actions.


Happy, alert and friendly. Neither shy nor aggressive.


Height over one foot.

An exciting whitened dog or perhaps a dog without any whitened.

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