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Saint Bernard dog breed information

Although the exact origin of St. Bernard will not be shown explicitly. However, certain aspects of the dominant species. The reasonably predictable. It also describes the development of this species is best.

The statue of Saint Bernard Pass on the way THE GREAT SAINT BERDNARD PASS.

Accommodation and monasteries were built in 980 AD by BERNARD DE MENTHON religious sect Augustine. Buildings are located in the passage of the Alps between Italy and Switzerland. Myth about a hero for helping people travel. It is called THE GREAT SANT BERDNARD PASS at 8,000 feet above sea level, snow-covered, with only 2 to 3 months of the year is summer. Or will be called. It is the warmest. Travel by foot to this place. Or travel through this route is quite dangerous. Travel by foot, very difficult in the cold weather and snow storms. I travel often to the death. But if I can get through the hard way. Accommodation will be met with a priest. And dogs with their talents.


There is no evidence about St. Bernard in the 700 years of their existence. The story is filled with a constant strain. First evidence that there is a drawing showing a second form in 1695 which claimed that the name of the painter Italians SALVATORE ROSA.

Each dog is a dog with short hair. A well structured. The head is a unique, long one of the SPLASH COATED, while the other one is the MANTLE COATED from photos professor ALBERT HEIM concluded that the species would have been 25 years, so the origin of St. Bernard. It is only around AD 1660 to 1670.
Dogs have been bred continuously in place since the year 1660 compare to the year 1695 the figure was drawn up. It is possible that these dogs are the descendants of the dogs STIFF STYLE ASIATIC brought by Roman soldiers during the war. This is a dog in the valley for centuries. Without being recognized as a unique species. And these dogs have developed a strain on Accommodation.

Operational lives. Began about 1700 years before that, I understand that these dogs do surveillance, and a priest. During the long winter, covered with snow. There is no evidence as to the lives of those dogs. It is expected to start up a priest to reconnoitre the mountain. After the snow storm. For travelers who are lost. Or stuck in the snow. Priests have discovered that St. Bernard dog. A wonderful instinct about the avalanche. The dog did this to keep track of them. When traveling by foot to the risk. Some dogs may learn how to rescue people from a priest in the male dog is sent out to groups of 2-3 to search for missing or injured. (Priest thought it was too heavy for a female dog).

Often, the dogs were found buried in the snow. It will dig until I got up and urged travelers. And attach the body to go to bed. To provide a warm, if he can not move it. The dog will run back to the star. To tell the priest to the victims. The people who can walk is guided by a dog. To return to the star. Instinct to help shovel the snow. And the urge to panic. Persist in the blood of dogs, number sign, as long as the Middle East today. The dog must work as a team. Priests need to select species that are aggressive. Because they will attack each other. As well as hostile to his own. The dogs are very emotional, which was selected to be in Species from the beginning. And long-lasting legacy still present in the blood.

In the winter of 1816.1817 and 1818. A blizzard is a severe THE GRESS SAINT BERNARD PASS There are many dogs that lost work time. The St. Bernard's star is likely to be extinct. It happens that there is a story of a priest trying to protect the species. Dogs by nature are similar to breeding in the valley. The dog is in ENGLISH MASTIFFS but this is not proof of it.

In 1830 Newfoundland Island, mating experiments were performed three trials at the camp. Cross-breeding in this species occurs after birth and 160 years of the next several years, but the dog has shorter hair. Religious reasons. Long hair should be conditioned to protect the dogs. The idea was wrong. The long hair on the ice during a walk on the mountain. Weight of ice that accumulated on the hair. The dog seemed to travel. As a result, the priest can not perform in the long hair of the dog to help his people. The priest turned back short hair dogs. And St. Bernard dog distribution. The fur away. When the puppy grows to be Swiss, with their own dogs. The result is a dog that is both short and long hair breeds, which were made by the Swiss passion for this breed.

St. Bernard did not carry brandy barrels. I've been practicing with the Maharishi * to rescue victims seriously.

* Note - impressionistic translation of Monk as a priest in the Christian religion in the monastery. And later a Buddhist Monk to borrow the term used to translate the English monks.

I'll call the St. Bernard. Did not get many travelers. Traveling through the Alps to the west again. The highway cuts through the tunnel at the top of the Great St. Bernard Pass already. But when my friend's now in the South Carolina (Gisela Quitzau) into the place to get it. We found the place crowded. The apartment owners. The camp was then. Students who come to visit. And visitors from all over Europe. We have only to look at the dog only.
Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard puppies

Father is treasurer of the agent will be happy to talk with us. And talks about the new role of the St. Bernard dog to us.

? Of St. Bernard dog, will continue in spite of the tunnel through the mountains to you?? We asked.

Yes, but in a different way? Can I clarify? A St. Bernard dog is always at the pass. We raise them here and Marseille to the Gospel and for most of us, however, each year one or two dogs for the melting of snow and avalanche?
Saint Bernard
When I asked the other. The father smiled. ? These dogs always carried brandy liqueur in a small wooden barrel or not? My father said that it is not known. What is more important. Mr. Sacks is a bear. Necessary for life to help the victims?

St. Bernard dogs can smell in the air with no wind at a distance of over 800 feet and smell the wind coming from a distance of several miles.

Dogs to the snow melt. And that the avalanche. It is the smell of people being buried in snow 5 to 7 feet deep feelings for it. It's very good. Unlike dogs, different cuts of Thoroughbred Racing, but equally they have a movie on the toe. Talon is a new snow boots. This makes them ideal for the snow to melt landslide. They run on snow without sinking down.

The next day we met with my father again appeared as treasurer. Your name and If you are traveling and accommodation. Name of the Father Bear, CA. Crazy Kong when it comes to training the dog. We sat in the kidney is high. Which is open to the vast mountains. I talk while watching skiers plunge down to the lake [/ b].

The journey continues to the present accommodation.

His treasurer, explained that since 1963, the St. Bernard dog of a project to collect the victims on the ALP is a comprehensive training program. From the age of 17 months earlier, when it is attached to each other during development, with the dog. The skiers will be a recluse. We specialize in helping victims always snow. When the puppies were three or four months it will start to eat the flesh of his hand.

The first duty of a dog. Is to learn how to master it, the video is no snow on the ground. When a dog do that then. It must be recognized for the second one is the master of it to strangers, which is hidden beneath them. For example, in a landslide.

Later, this search is to find the first snow is the snow that covered a little bit. Dogs learn how to rake the snow off. Adding more and more snow. It was sunk about three feet below the snow on the net charge can be hidden under the snow, then closed it. It will be ready for? Cave?
Saint Bernard

The cave is a hole dug in the snow. There is ample space to allow people to move out. The flow through the small hole. I live in it for about 30 minutes I was completely buried under the snow three feet deep, the dogs must find a way to the cave. And a master's in it to find. Repeat the test several times. The dogs never make mistakes.
Saint Bernard
The next step is to find the dog of a man and two unknown. It was found buried beneath them. The second man, 13 to 20 feet deep may be the last. Dogs need to find a man who does not know a single person. And objects in the snow with only traces that lead to the loss.

His treasurer, describing the nature of the dog's third stage that the dog de Boutique just near St. Bernard to find the one that was buried deep, 6 feet, the experience of freedom in the area of ​​167 square feet in the center of the dog, St. no. Oxnard. Which can be found within 856 feet of the selectivity of the St. Bernard dog. When you find an area 1,284 square feet and 10 feet deep and can find hidden objects 2 feet deep by half.

When the dog found it to be a victim with a claw digging a hole so that he can breathe. But after a dog is a chore, it is said of it with a shovel. Will help to accelerate as quickly. This method is commonly used to allow the dog to find victims. Digging holes and allow it to take out the victims out.

Impressionism and the dog reached the highest point of Europe, how?

I was born before 2000 years ago when the Romans crossed the Alps to attack them as war dogs in the 3rd century Roman retreat from the mountains and left their dog behind. Some of the local breed dogs and left the place. However, the compound were hundreds of years after Spitz became a St. Bernard dog.
Saint Bernard
This is a dog, but the physical origin of the use of it on the mountain. We must turn to the people who founded the settlement of the highest in Europe.Saint Bernard

In the early 10th century impressionist named. Father Bear, CA. Preaching, teaching at the Star (Aosta), Italy's top spot at the foot until all pilgrims who went on the hunt for you on the ragged clothes, weeping lesions. They told me that Father Bear, CA. It is criminal assault, assault on the mountain. They were robbed. And some of them were killed. Murder and robbery to pay the ransom for a fee through a strait. Father Bear, CA to decide. Through to the end!Saint Bernard

In 962 AD, Father Bear, CA to create a better place to go. Go to a shelter for the hungry at this place. The tired and cold all the attention at this and everyone can relax on the go can eat and drink and sleep, I sleep at night. To the next person to speak to the priest of a recluse to take care of you later. You have made many contributions to the Church. And people with no religious faith to repent to God a lot. In 1008 he returned to find God when you are 40 years later, in posting. Saints of the Church House. And are named with the name of the gorge. St. Bernard or St. Christopher Pope, Barrie, 11 years old Vilnius is declared Patron Saint of the Alps in 1923.Saint Bernard

The Maharishi became a tour guide at the top of the mountain. They take the place of older people and the way narrow. In all weather conditions. They rescued the victim collapsed in the snow melts. Snow storm, snow and rain mix.Saint Bernard

I know that dogs have become a recluse when working with them since the early Impressionism has been given to a dog to live a lonely vigil in the wake of this point.

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