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West Highland White Terrier

A Breed Standard may be the guideline which describes the perfect qualities, temperament and search of the breed and guarantees the breed is fit for function. Absolute soundness is important. Dog breeders and idol judges should whatsoever occasions make sure avoid apparent conditions or exaggerations which may be harmful by any means towards the health, welfare or soundness of the breed. Every once in awhile certain conditions or exaggerations might be considered to achieve the possibility to affect dogs in certain breeds negatively, and idol judges and dog breeders are asked for to consult the Kennel Club website for particulars associated with a such current issues. If your feature or quality is desirable it will only trouble the best measure.

General Appearance: Strongly built deep in chest and back ribs level back and effective quarters on muscular legs and showing inside a marked degree an excellent mixture of strength and activity.

Qualities: Small, active, game, sturdy, possessed of no little bit of self-esteem having a varminty appearance.

Temperament: Alert, gay, courageous, self-reliant but friendly.

Mind and Skull: Skull slightly domed when handled across temple presents an even contour. Tapering a little from skull at degree of ears to eyes. Distance from occiput to eyes slightly more than period of foreface. Mind heavily covered with hair, and transported at right position or less, to axis of neck. Mind to not be transported in extended position. Foreface progressively tapering from eye to muzzle. Distinct stop created by heavy, bony side rails immediately above and slightly overgrown eye, and slight indentation between eyes. Foreface not dished nor falling away rapidly below eyes, where it's well-crafted up. Jaws strong and level. Nose black and fairly large, developing smooth contour with relaxation of muzzle. Nose not projecting forward.

Eyes: Set wide apart, medium in dimensions, not full, as dark as you possibly can and hang well under heavy eye brows which provides your dog a clear, crisp and intelligent piercing expression. Light coloured eyes highly undesirable.

Ears: Small, erect and transported firmly, terminating in sharp point, set neither too wide nor too close. Hair short and smooth (velvety), shouldn't be cut. Free of any fringe at top. Round-pointed, broad, large or thick ears or too heavily covered with hair most undesirable.

Mouth: As broad between canine teeth out of the box in line with varminty expression needed. Teeth large for size dog, with regular scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth carefully overlapping lower teeth and hang square towards the jaws.

Neck: Sufficiently lengthy to permit proper set on of mind needed, muscular and progressively thickening towards base permitting neck to merge into nicely sloping shoulders.

Forequarters: Shoulders sloping backwards. Neck broad and laying near to chest wall. Shoulder joint placed forward, elbows well in, permitting foreleg to maneuver freely, parallel to axis of body. Forelegs short and muscular, straight and heavily engrossed in short, hard hair.

Body: Compact. Back level, loins broad and powerful. Chest deep and ribs well arched in upper half showing a flattish side appearance. Back ribs of considerable depth and distance from last rib of quarters as short as suitable for free movement of body.

Hindquarters: Strong, muscular and wide across top. Legs short, muscular and sinewy. Upper thighs very muscular and never too wide apart. Hocks bent and well occur under body in order to be fairly near to one another when standing or moving. Straight or weak hocks most undesirable.

Ft: Forefeet bigger than hind, round, proportionate in dimensions, strong, heavily padded and engrossed in short harsh hair. Hindfeet are more compact and heavily padded. Under the surface of pads and all sorts of nails ideally black.

Tail: 13-15 content management systems (5-6 inches) lengthy, engrossed in harsh hair, no feathering, as straight as you possibly can, transported jauntily, not gay or transported over back. A lengthy tail undesirable, and for no reason should tails be docked.

Gait/Movement: Free, straight and simple over-all. In-front, legs freely extended forward from shoulder. Hind movement free, strong and close. Stifle and hocks well flexed and hocks attracted under body giving drive. Stiff, stilted movement behind and cowhocks highly undesirable.
West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier puppies
Coat: Double covered. Outer coat includes harsh hair, about 5 content management systems (2 inches) lengthy, free of any curl. Undercoat, which resembles fur, short, soft and close. Open jackets most undesirable. Free of apparent skin problems.

Colour: Whitened.

Size: Height at withers roughly 28 content management systems (11 inches).

Problems: Any departure in the foregoing points should be thought about a fault and also the importance that the fault ought to be regarded as ought to be in exact proportion to the degree and it is effect upon the health and welfare from the dog.

Note: Male creatures must have two apparently normal testicles fully descended in to the nut sack.

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