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Yorkshire Terrier puppies

The Yorkshire terrier is a dog toy. Federation of Small and slim shape. Body covered with hair, long hair, long hair smooth, sleek profile and glossy. Furry head. This will catch the band with a bow. The long-haired, nose and mouth. The blue coat color is silver and gold. Puppies are born with brown and black. Appearance indicates that the heroic enthusiasm of all obedience.
York shire terrier George is being developed around the middle of the 19th century. The cross-breed terrier prices. Many different. In line with that. This occurs at the middle to the north of England. Especially in the city of York as a source of the Shire of York shire terriers North York, York shire terriers. Initially weighing 6 kg and is used as a strain of terriers to get rid of rats in any other subsequently produced by breeding a species smaller than. The family pets and hunting dogs for the contest is not over.
Courage is a dog that is not afraid of anything. And a good watchdog. Have the ability to hear in the distance. But it's not a dog barking for no reason again. It is also a loving dog owner and want to be close to the owner. Some prefer to sleep on the bed with you (if any) as the active dog. Especially in children. He was furiously and very naughty. I always like to catch mice, frogs, insects or small animals that are equally or less. A dog with high self-confidence as well as dog-resistant. Not obey the order. What to do when I want to do this.

Bath and North Yorkshire can do just one time / month is enough. Bathing should be done in a warm place.
First, the cotton plugs in both ears to prevent water entering the ear of the hand.
A second area of ​​his chest to hold him to stand up (if possible for the fabric.
The non-slip surface to keep me from coming to an end.
His slipping back and forth every time you catch him) not to force the water from the shower.
Very gradually over the water to wet them. Shampoo to nourish the body and rub gently.
Clean the head. And face a final ranking.

Must be careful not to shampoo your mouth and eyes. Shampoo, then rinse off with water. Then wipe with a towel.
Before going to blow it dry with a hair dryer to heat up drive for the finish.
Then comb the hair gently with a brush.
Brush to York shire terrier George is routine for all dogs.

Transportation of York shire terriers prices will generally need a long brush, about 1 hour every 2 days to allow the hair entangled. Should a student not to fall on the head hair of the dog's eyes. If you do not want to fuss too much, just cut the hair short. They will be very happy if I let him go for a walk or playing in the backyard.

The food consumption of the North Yorkshire would be the best food. It is easy to maintain. The puppy should be a medium dog. The high protein content. However, dogs may choose a diet with protein. Component of the minimum around 20 percent is enough food and water to food to enhance reliability. And it is sometimes.
Who is right.
Yorkshire terrier's special for people of all ages. Whether or not their children. If a child must be instructed on how to treat dogs. Do not let the dog without adult supervision. The most important thing when you're raised in York shire terrier George is that you have enough time to care for him or not. As with dogs, most are left alone for long periods is not well with the mood of the York shire terriers prices at all, and if everyone in the house will not stay home all day then. it. If the dog is to keep the two are friends.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier puppies

Breed standard.

Less than 7 pounds.

A small section of the head is relatively flat.

Hair is a large figure with scissors.

Is not very long.

Eyes medium size with dark, sparkling eyes sparkling.

Small V-shaped ears set.


In the short horizontal lines.

The elbow or the foot is twisted into a round black finger nail protrusion is eliminated.

Hind legs.
When viewed from the back leg straight. Ankle angle moderately rounded toe nails black in the appendix removed.

Moderately shortened. Located above the tail.

The quality of wool is very important. Straight hair that looks like a gleaming shine and body to keep hair from the floor. Long head hair may be tied with a bow or a bow with his hair cut. Foot truncated. The body is dark gray shadow on the chest and legs brown shadow.

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