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collie is an energetic dog, a quail or a hastily to the surroundings. Moving clumsily fluent and flexible not stand up straight and steady. A deep and wide to show strength. Sloping shoulders and ankles that bend to fit the speed of the runner. Colleen's face it, the intelligence Front and rear body balance. Body parts in proportion, and coordinate a perfect shape. collie
Colleen dogs originated from the junction between the north of England. The nation of Scotland by the time the Roman invasion of Britain.
Trait collie

Nah my dog ​​Colleen was very intelligent. Sugsing and love to people. Therefore, a dog trainer Colleen, it's not hard at all. But not great. To leave the house alone because he will feel the lack of love. And which would make him feel abandoned to depression. My dog ​​is clean and suitable to be good friends with the children.


collie is like a dog with other dogs. Especially the opposite sex. And if the party has a small pet instinctively understand that the collie And other small animals. I would love to run, it will be welcome to any one of which he was aiming for.

collie has a dog's hair is pretty long. And require weekly brushing to keep the fur beautiful. Even if your dog shows no signs collie is actively seeking to bring guests to walk. But if a dog has to be fun and good-natured dogs are extremely intelligent and talented work. Talent in the track and the herd. Dogs may not be so patient. But drive the movement near the bottom will have to try to teach the dog to understand. They should not behave like that.

The appropriate party.
collie dog is suitable for almost every family and every situation, because pet dogs are gentle and easily adaptable.

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