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Bichon Frise Breed Standard

Bichon Frise Breed Standard

Non-Sporting Group

General Appearance

The Bichon Frise is really a small, sturdy, whitened powder puff of the dog whose merry temperament is evidenced by his plumed tail transported jauntily within the back and the dark-eyed inquisitive expression.

This can be a breed which has no gross or incapacitating exaggerations and for that reason there's no natural reason behind insufficient balance or unsound movement.

Any deviation in the ideal referred to within the standard ought to be punished towards the extent from the deviation. Structural problems present with all breeds are as undesirable within the Bichon Frise as with every other breed, despite the fact that such problems might not be particularly pointed out within the standard.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size Dogs and bitches 9? to 11? inches should be given primary preference. Only in which the comparative brilliance of the specimen outdoors this range clearly justifies it will greater latitude be used. In no situation, however, if this should latitude ever extend over one foot or under 9 inches. The minimum limits don't affect young puppies. Proportion--Against the forward-most reason for the chest area to the stage of rump is ? more than the peak in the withers. Against the withers to cheapest reason for chest signifies ? the length from withers to ground. Substance--Compact as well as medium bone throughout neither coarse nor fine.


Expression--Soft, dark-eyed, inquisitive, alert. Eyes are round, black or brownish and therefore are occur the skull to appear directly forward. An excessively large or protruding eye is really a fault out of the box an almond formed, obliquely set eye. Halos, the black or very brownish skin all around the eyes, are essential because they accentuate the attention and enhance expression. The attention rims themselves should be black. Damaged pigment, or total lack of pigment around the eye rims create a blank and looking expression, the industry definite fault. Eyes associated with a color apart from black or brownish really are a serious fault and should be seriously punished. Ears are drop and therefore are engrossed in lengthy flowing hair. When extended toward the nose, the leathers achieve roughly midway the size of the muzzle. They're set on slightly greater than eye level and rather forward around the skull, to ensure that once the dog is alert they actually frame the face area. The skull is slightly rounded, permitting for any round and forward searching eye. The stop is slightly emphasized. Muzzle--A correctly balanced mind is three parts muzzle to 5 parts skull, measured in the nose towards the stop and in the pause and the occiput. A line attracted between your outdoors corners from the eyes and also to the nose can create a near equilateral triangular. There's a small amount of chiseling underneath the eyes, but less regarding create a weak or snipey foreface. The low jaw is strong. The nose is prominent and try to black. Lips are black, fine, never drooping. Bite is scissors. A bite that is undershot or overshot ought to be seriously punished. A crooked or from line tooth is allowable, however, missing teeth should be seriously faulted.

Neck, Topline and the body

The arched neck is lengthy and transported happily behind an erect mind. It blends easily in to the shoulders. The size of neck from occiput to withers is roughly 1/3 the length from forechest to bottom. The topline is level aside from a small, muscular arch within the loin. Body--The chest area is well toned and wide enough to permit free and unrestricted movement from the front legs. The cheapest reason for the chest area stretches a minimum of towards the elbow. The rib cage is moderately sprung and stretches to a brief and muscular loin. The forechest is well pronounced and protrudes slightly forward of the purpose of shoulder. The underline includes a moderate tuck-up. Tail is well plumed, set on level using the topline and curved beautifully within the back to ensure that your hair from the tail rests around the back. Once the tail is extended toward the mind it reaches a minimum of midway towards the withers. A minimal tail set, a tail transported perpendicularly towards the back, or perhaps a tail which droops behind will be seriously punished. A corkscrew tail is an extremely serious fault.


Shoulders--The shoulder edge, upper arm and forearm are roughly equal long. Shoulders are relaxed to somewhat near a forty-five degree position. Top of the arm stretches well back therefore the elbow is positioned underneath the withers when seen in the side. Legs are of medium bone straight, without any bow or curve within the forearm or wrist. The elbows are held near to the body. The pasterns slope slightly in the vertical. The dewclaws might be removed. The ft are tight and round, resembling individuals of the cat and point directly forward, turning neither in nor out. Pads are black. Nails are stored short.
Bichon frise

Bichon frise puppies

The hindquarters are of medium bone, well angulated with muscular upper thighs and spread moderately wide. The lower and upper leg are nearly equal long meeting in a well bent stifle joint. The lower limb from hock joint to feet pad is verticle with respect down. Dewclaws might be removed. Feet are tight and round with black pads.


The feel from the coat is very important. The undercoat is soft and dense, the outercoat of the rougher and curlier texture. The mixture of these two provides a soft but substantial feel to touch which is comparable to plush or velvet so when patted springs back. When bathed and blown, it stands from the body, creating a general powder puff appearance. A wiry coat isn't desirable. A limp, smooth coat, a coat that lies lower, or deficiencies in undercoat are extremely serious problems. Trimming--The coat is trimmed to show natural outline from the body. It's rounded removed from any direction rather than cut so short regarding create an excessively trimmed or squared off appearance. The item of furniture from the mind, beard, moustache, ears and tail remain longer. The more mind locks are trimmed to produce a general rounded impression. The topline is trimmed to look level. The coat is lengthy enough to keep the powder puff look that is sign of the breed.


Color is whitened, might have shadings of aficionado, cream or apricot round the ears or on our bodies. Any color more than 10% from the entire coat of the mature specimen is really a fault and really should be punished, but colour of the recognized shadings shouldn't be faulted in young puppies.


Movement in a trot is free of charge, precise and easy. In profile the forelegs and hind legs extend equally by having an easy achieve and drive that conserve a steady topline. When moving, the mind and neck remain somewhat erect so that as speed increases there's a really slight convergence of legs toward the middle line. Getting away, the hindquarters travel with moderate width together and also the feet pads is visible. Coming on and on, his movement is precise and true.


Gentle mannered, sensitive, playful and affectionate. A contented attitude may be the hallmark from the breed and something should be satisfied with nothing less.

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