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Bullmastiff Breed Standard

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Bullmastiff puppies
General Appearance What shaped animal, showing great strength, endurance, and performance strongly built but active. The building blocks breeding was 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog. The breed was created in England by gamekeepers for defense against poachers.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size--Dogs, 25 to 27 inches in the withers, and 110 to 130 pounds weight. Bitches, 24 to 26 inches in the withers, and 100 to 120 pounds weight. Other activities being equal, the greater substantial dog within these limits is preferred. Proportion--The space from tip of breastbone to rear of leg surpasses the peak from withers to ground only slightly, producing a nearly square appearance.


Expression--Keen, alert, and intelligent. Eyes Dark as well as medium size. Ears--V-formed and transported near to the cheekbones, set on wide and, level with occiput and cheekbones, giving a square appearance towards the skull more dark colored compared to body and medium in dimensions. Skull Large, having a fair quantity of wrinkle when alert broad, with cheekbones well toned. Temple flat. Stop--Moderate. Muzzle--Broad and deep its length, in comparison to those of the whole mind, roughly as 1 would be to 3. Insufficient foreface with nostrils set on the top of muzzle is really a reversion towards the Bulldog and it is very undesirable. A dark muzzle is more suitable. Nose--Black, with nostrils large and broad. Flews--Much less pendulous. Bite--Ideally level or slightly undershot. Canine teeth large and hang wide apart.

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck--Slightly arched, of moderate length, very muscular, and almost equal in circumference towards the skull. Topline--Straight and level between withers and loin. Body--Compact. Chest wide and deep, with ribs well sprung and well set lower between your forelegs. Back--Short, giving the sense of a reliable dog. Loin--Wide, muscular, and slightly arched, with fair depth of flank. Tail--Set on high, strong at the bottom, and tapering towards the hocks. It might be straight or curved, but never transported hound fashion.


Shoulders--muscular although not loaded, and slightly sloping. Forelegs--straight, well boned, and hang well apart elbows switched neither in nor out. Pasterns straight, ft of medium size, with round toes well arched. Pads thick and hard, nails black.


Broad and muscular, with well toned second leg denoting energy, although not cumbersome. Moderate angulation at hocks. Cowhocks and splay ft are serious problems.


Short and dense, giving good weather protection.


Red-colored, fawn, or brindle. Aside from a really small whitened just right the chest area, whitened marking is recognized as a fault.


Free, smooth, and effective. When seen in the side, achieve and drive indicate maximum utilisation of the dog's moderate angulation. Back remains level and firm. Coming on and on, your dog moves inside a straight line. Ft often converge underneath the body, without crossing over, as speed increases. There's no twisting in or out in the joints.


Courageous and confident yet docile. Your dog combines the reliability, intelligence, and readiness to impress needed inside a reliable family companion and protector.

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