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Dachshund Sausage dog ... that the low back, long legs, a short time, it moved me to run or walk like a sausage, then move it like that. Many people were exposed. Or even the owners themselves. It took a hit that. "Sausage dog" is actually my dog, it is knit index (Dachshund) Dogs that originated from Germany. Raised as a dog breed that is the symbol of Germany's famous beer, but with the current index of the ever popular boy dog ​​world.Dachshund

Index knit dog of courage. Strength and stamina. Friendly to children. It is also a trained dog is not aggressive, and learn quickly that this small but smart, high IQ, great instincts to hunt. I was mixed up for the hunt. And animals on the ground or lower. The wild rabbits and rodents, both surface and underground. By the way, he will help knit the legs short. Digging out the victims. จากนั้นมันก็จะตามไล่ล่าเข้าไปในโพรงอย่างเมามัน! Especially with the Badger. This is the kind of animals live underground, and often come out at night, dog food, it is often called the index Chun. "Bad dog come from" another name as well.

It is said that the courage of the dog, knit several different index can easily fight with wild bears. The data indicate that small dogs assist knit Weight 16 - 22 pounds have been demonstrated to be effective in the fight against the fox and can trail a wounded deer.

The popularity of dogs in the United States and in Canada index Chun began after World War 1, the strain used by American troops from Germany.

General characteristics of the dog, knit index.Dachshund

Index darn dog is a dog in the Thoroughbred Racing (Hound Group) is the average height of 13-23 cm, weight: 8-12 kg, this breed is a hardy, long slender body with short, stout legs and head. long, slender, slightly curved convex and flat skull. Curved eyebrows, long and protruding jaw, jaw, teeth meet together to form a strong pair of scissors. Eye color - black. Expression of intelligence and feeling good.Dachshund

Dachshund Index knit dog ear is long and has a slender body moving. Muscle strength. The distance between the body (chest) is equal to 1 in 3 of the height from floor to shoulder. The length of the tail and body are in line with the latter.

Dachshund The hair of the dog index Chun is divided into three types of hair, short hair, rough and furry white popular culture in a variety of colors including black, brown, gray, cream, white chocolate, but if a variety of colors in the same time it is more expensive than a single color, such as 3-5 in the same color.

Dachshund The dog is a purebred knit index had good to be disproportionate if it meets the breed's tail is straight, not curled or bent legs are not as weak ham. The walk Tamadtaแmg. By observing a simple index Chun female body length, the better. But if a person has to be shorter than the female body is very small.

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