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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed Standard

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed Standard

Herding Group

General Appearance

Low-set, strong, steadily built and active, giving an impact of substance and stamina in a tiny space. Shouldn't be so low and high-boned regarding appear coarse or overdone, nor so light-boned regarding appear racy. Outlook bold, but kindly. Expression intelligent and interested. Never shy nor vicious.

Correct type, including general balance and outline, appeal of headpiece, intelligent outlook and proper temperament is of primary importance. Movement is particularly important, particularly as seen in the side. Your dog with smooth and free gait needs to be reasonably seem and should be highly regarded as. A small fault must never take priority within the above preferred characteristics.

Your dog should be very seriously punished for an additional problems, no matter whatever desirable characteristics your dog may present: extra-large or undersized button, rose or drop ears overshot or undershot bite fluffies, whitelies, mismarks or bluies.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Height (from ground to greatest point on withers) ought to be ten to twelve inches. Weight is within proportion to size, not exceeding 30 pounds for dogs and 28 pounds for bitches. In show condition, the most well-liked medium- sized dog of correct bone and substance will weigh roughly 27 pounds, with bitches roughly 25 pounds. Apparent extra-large individuals and diminutive toylike people should be very seriously punished. Proportions--Moderately lengthy and low. The length in the withers to the bottom of the tail ought to be roughly 40 % more than the length in the withers down. Substance--Shouldn't be so low and high-boned regarding appear coarse or overdone, nor so light-boned regarding appear racy.


The mind ought to be foxy fit and search. Expression--Intelligent and interested, although not sly. Skull--ought to be fairly wide and flat between your ears. Moderate quantity of stop. Very slight rounding of oral cavity, not completed beneath the eyes, as foreface ought to be nicely chiseled to provide a somewhat tapered muzzle. Distance from occiput to center of pause and be more than the length from pause and nose tip, the proportion being five areas of total distance for that skull and three parts for that foreface. Muzzle ought to be neither dish-faced nor Roman-nosed. Eyes-Oblong, medium in dimensions, not round, nor sticking out, nor deepset and piglike. Set somewhat obliquely. Versions of brown harmoniously with coat color. Eye rims dark, ideally black. While dark eyes boost the expression, true black eyes are most undesirable, much like yellow or bluish eyes. Ears-Erect, firm, as well as medium size, tapering slightly to some rounded point. Ears are mobile, and react sensitively to sounds. A line attracted in the nose tip with the eyes towards the ear tips, and across, should form approximately equilateral triangular. Softball bat ears, small catlike ears, excessively large weak ears, hooded ears, ears transported excessive or lacking, are undesirable. Button, rose or drop ears are extremely serious problems. Nose--Black and fully pigmented. Mouth--Scissors bite, the interior side from the upper incisors touching the outside from the lower incisors. Level bite is suitable. Overshot or undershot bite is an extremely serious fault. Lips--Black, tight with little if any fullness.

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck--Fairly lengthy. For a specified duration to supply over-all balance from the dog. Slightly arched, neat and mixing well in to the shoulders. A really short neck giving a stuffy appearance along with a lengthy, thin or ewe neck are faulty. Topline--Firm and level, neither riding as much as nor falling away in the croup. A small depression behind shoulders triggered by heavier neck coat meeting the shorter body coat is allowable. Body--Rib cage ought to be well sprung, slightly egg-formed and moderately lengthy. Deep chest, well disappointed between your forelegs. Exaggerated lowness intervenes using the preferred freedom of motion and really should be punished. Seen previously mentioned, your body should taper slightly to finish of loin. Loin short. Round or flat rib cage, insufficient brisket, extreme length or cobbiness, are undesirable. Tail--Docked as short as you possibly can without having to be indented. From time to time a puppy comes into the world having a natural pier, which if sufficiently short, is suitable. A tail as much as 2 " long is permitted, but when transported high has a tendency to spoil the contour from the topline.


Legs--Short, over arms switched slightly inward, using the distance between arms under between your shoulder joints, to ensure that the leading doesn't appear absolutely straight. Ample bone transported right lower in to the ft. Pasterns firm and nearly straight when seen in the side. Weak pasterns and knuckling over are serious problems. Neck lengthy and well relaxed across the rib cage. Upper arms nearly equal long to neck. Elbows parallel towards the body, not prominent, and well challenge to permit a line verticle with respect down to become attracted from tip from the shoulder edge right through to elbow. Ft--Oblong, using the two center toes slightly prior to the 2 outer ones. Turning neither in nor out. Pads strong and ft arched. Nails short. Dewclaws on forelegs and hindlegs usually removed. Too round, lengthy and narrow, or splayed ft are faulty.


Ample bone, strong and versatile, moderately angulated at stifle and hock. Exaggerated angulation is really as faulty as not enough. Upper thighs ought to be well muscled. Hocks short, parallel, so when seen in the side are verticle with respect down. Barrel hocks or cowhocks are most objectionable. Ended up or double-jointed hocks are extremely faulty. Ft--as with front.


Medium length short, thick, weather- resistant undercoat having a rougher, longer outer coat. Over-all length varies, with slightly thicker and longer ruff round the neck, chest as well as on shoulders. Your body coat lies flat. Locks are slightly longer on back of forelegs and underparts and somewhat larger and longer on rear of hindquarters. The coat is ideally straight, however, many waviness is allowed. This breed includes a losing coat, and periodic insufficient undercoat shouldn't be too seriously punished, supplying your hair is glossy, healthy and well groomed. A wiry, tightly marcelled coat is extremely faulty, out of the box an excessively short, smooth and thin coat. Serious Fault--Fluffies--a coat of extreme length with exaggerated feathering on ears, chest, legs and ft, underparts and hindquarters. Trimming this type of coat doesn't allow it to be anymore acceptable. The Corgi ought to be proven in the natural condition, without any trimming allowed except to tidy the ft, and, if preferred, take away the whiskers.


The outer coat will be of self colors in red-colored, sable, fawn, black and tan without or with whitened markings. Whitened is suitable on legs, chest, neck (either simply or like a collar), muzzle, underparts so that as a narrow blaze on mind. Serious Problems: Whitelies--Body color whitened, with red-colored or dark markings. Bluies--Colored servings of the coat possess a distinct bluish or smoky cast. This coloring is connected with very light or blue eyes, liver or grey eye rims, nose and lip pigment. Mismarks--Self colors with any section of whitened around the back between withers and tail, on sides between elbows and back of hindquarters, or on ears. Black with whitened markings with no tan present.


Free and smooth. Forelegs should achieve well forward without an excessive amount of lift, in symphony using the driving action from the hind legs. The right shoulder set up and well-fitted elbows allow a lengthy, free stride in-front. Seen in the front, legs don't relocate exact parallel planes, but incline slightly inward to pay for shortness of leg and width of chest. Hind legs should drive well underneath the body and move ahead a line using the forelegs, with hocks turning neither in nor out. Ft must travel parallel towards the type of motion without any inclination to swing out, mix over or hinder one another. Short, uneven movement, moving or high-walking gait, close or excessively wide coming or going, are incorrect. This can be a herding dog, which should have the agility, freedom of motion, and endurance to complete the job that he was created.
Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppies

Outlook bold, but kindly. Never shy or vicious. The judge shall dismiss in the ring any Pembroke Welsh Corgi that's excessively shy.

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