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Brittany Breed Standard

Brittany Breed Standard

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Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel puppies
General Appearance

A concise, carefully knit dog of medium size, a leggy dog getting the look, along with the agility, of the great ground coverer. Strong, energetic, energetic and quick of motion. Sturdiness, without clumsiness, is really a sign of the breed. He is able to be tailless or includes a tail docked to roughly four inches.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Height--17? to twenty? inches, measured in the ground towards the greatest reason for shoulders. Any Brittany calculating under 17? inches or higher 20? inches will be disqualified from dog show competition. Weight--Should weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. Proportion--So leggy is he that his height in the shoulders is equivalent to the size of his body. Body Length--Roughly identical to the height when measured in the shoulders. Body length is measured from the purpose of the forecast towards the rear from the rump. A lengthy body ought to be heavily punished. Substance--Much less light in bone, yet never heavy-boned and cumbersome.


Expression--Alert willing and able, however with the soft expression of the bird dog. Eyes--Well occur mind. Properly protected from briars with a heavy, significant eyebrow. A prominent full or popeye ought to be punished. It's a serious fault inside a dog that has to face briars. Skull well chiseled underneath the eyes, to ensure that the low lid isn't drawn back to create a pocket or haw that will catch seed products, grime and weed dust. Preference ought to be for that more dark colored eyes, though lighter shades of amber shouldn't be punished. Light and mean-searching eyes ought to be heavily punished. Ears--Set high, above the amount of your eyes. Short and triangular, instead of pendulous, reaching about 50 % the size of the muzzle. Should lie flat and near to the mind, with dense, but relatively short hair, with little fringe. Skull--Medium length, rounded, a little wedge-formed, but evenly made. Width, less than as wide because the length rather than so broad regarding appear coarse, approximately narrow regarding appear racy. Well defined, but lightly sloping stop. Median line rather indistinct. The occiput only apparent to touch. Lateral walls well rounded. The Brittany will not be "apple-headed" and that he should not come with an indented stop. Muzzle--Medium length, about sixty-six per cent the size of the skull, calculating the muzzle in the tip towards the stop, and also the skull in the occiput towards the stop. Muzzle should taper progressively both in vertical and horizontal dimensions because it approaches the nostrils. Neither a Roman nose nor a dish-face is desirable. Never broad, heavy or snippy. Nose--Nostrils well available to permit breathing of air and sufficient scenting. Tight nostrils ought to be punished. Never shiny. Color: fawn, tan, shades of brown or deep pink. A black nose is really a disqualification. A 2-tone or butterfly nose ought to be punished. Lips--Tight, top of the lip overlapping the low jaw simply to cover the low lip. Lips dry, to ensure that down won't stick. Drooling to become heavily punished. Flews to become punished. Bite--A genuine scissors bite. Overshot or undershot jaw to become heavily punished.

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck--Medium length. Free of throatiness, though not really a serious fault unless of course supported by dewlaps, strong without giving the sense to be over muscled. Well set into sloping shoulders. Never concave or ewe-necked. Topline--Slight slope in the greatest reason for shoulders towards the cause of the tail. Chest--Deep, reaching the amount of the elbow. Neither so wide nor so rounded regarding disturb the positioning from the shoulders and elbows. Ribs well sprung. Sufficient heart room supplied by depth in addition to width. Narrow or slab-on the sides chests really are a fault. Back--Short and straight. Never hollow, saddle, sway or roach backed. Slight drop in the sides towards the cause of the tail. Flanks--Rounded. Fairly full. Not very hidden up, or flabby and falling. Loins short and powerful. Distance from last rib to upper leg short, about 3 to 4 finger sizes. Narrow and weak loins really are a fault. Moving, the loin shouldn't sway sideways, giving a zig-zag motion towards the back, wasting energy. Tail--Tailless to roughly four inches, natural or docked. The tail to not be as long as to modify the overall balance from the dog. Set on high, really extra time from the spine at comparable level. Any tail substantially a lot more than four inches will be seriously punished.


Shoulders--Neck shouldn't protrude an excessive amount of, much less wide apart, with possibly two thumbs' width between. Sloping and muscular. Edge and upper arm should form nearly a 90 degree position. Straight shoulders really are a fault. In the shoulders, the Brittany is slightly greater than in the rump. Front Legs--Seen in the front, verticle with respect, although not set too wide. Elbows and ft turning neither in nor out. Pasterns slightly sloped. Lower in pasterns is really a serious fault. Leg bones clean, elegant, although not too fine. Very heavy bone is really as much a fault as spindly legs. You have to search for substance and adaptability. Height at elbows should roughly equal distance from elbow to withers. Ft--Ought to be strong, proportionately more compact compared to spaniels', with close fitting, well arched toes and thick pads. The Brittany is "not on his toes." Toes not heavily feathered. Flat ft, splayed ft, paper ft, etc., should be heavily punished. A perfect feet is midway between your hare and also the cat feet. Dewclaws might be removed.


Broad strong and muscular, with effective upper thighs and well bent stifles, giving the angulation essential for effective drive. Hind Legs--Stifles well bent. The stifle shouldn't be so angulated regarding put the hock joint wild behind your dog. A Brittany shouldn't be condemned for straight stifle before the judge has checked your dog moving in the side. The stifle joint shouldn't come out creating a cowhock. Upper thighs well feathered although not abundantly, midway towards the hock. Hocks, that's, the rear pasterns, ought to be moderately short, pointing neither in nor out, verticle with respect when seen in the side. They must be firm when shaken through the judge. Ft Just like front ft.


Dense, flat or wavy, never curly. Texture neither wiry nor smooth. Ears should carry little fringe. The leading and hind legs must have some feathering, but not enough is certainly more suitable to an excessive amount of. Dogs with lengthy or profuse feathering or furnishings will be so seriously punished regarding effectively get rid of them from competition. Skin--Fine and fairly loose. A loose skin comes with briars and stays, thus diminishing punctures or tearing. An epidermis so loose regarding form pouches is undesirable.


Orange and whitened or liver and whitened either in obvious or roan designs. Some ticking is desirable. The orange or liver can be found in the conventional parti-color or piebald designs. Cleaned out colors aren't desirable. Tri-colors are permitted although not preferred. A tri-color is really a liver and whitened dog with classic orange markings on eye brows, muzzle and cheekbones, within the ears and underneath the tail, freckles around the calves are orange. Anything exceeding the limits of those markings will be seriously punished. Black is really a disqualification.


When in a trot the Brittany's hind feet should walk into or past the print left through the front feet. Clean movement, coming on and on, is essential, more importantly is side gait, that is smooth, efficient and ground covering.


A contented, alert dog, neither mean nor shy.

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