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Collie Breed Standard

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Rough Collie

Rough Collie puppies

General Character

The Collie is really a lithe, strong, responsive, active dog, transporting no useless timber, standing naturally straight and firm. The deep, moderately wide chest shows strength, the sloping shoulders and well-bent hocks indicate speed and sophistication, and also the face shows high intelligence. The Collie presents a remarkable, proud picture of true balance, each part finding yourself in harmonious proportion to each other area and also to the entire. Aside from the technical description that's necessary to this Standard and without which no Standard for that guidance of dog breeders and idol judges is sufficient, it may be mentioned simply that no area of the Collie ever appears to become from proportion holiday to a part. Timidity, frailness, sullenness, viciousness, insufficient animation, cumbersome appearance and insufficient over-all balance impair the overall character.

Collie (Smooth)


The mind qualities are crucial. When considered compared to how big your dog the mind is inclined to lightness rather than seems massive. Huge-headed dog lacks the required vibrant, alert, full-of-sense look that adds so greatly to expression. In front and profile see the mind bears an over-all resemblance to some well-blunted lean wedge, being smooth and clean in outline and nicely balanced compared. Around the sides it tapers progressively and easily in the ears towards the finish from the black nose, without having to be flared in backskull (cheeky) or squeezed in muzzle (snipy). In profile view the top backskull and the top muzzle lie in 2 roughly parallel, straight planes of equal length, divided with a very slight but perceptible stop or break. A mid-point between your inside corners from the eyes (the center of the properly placed stop) is the middle of balance long of mind.

The finish from the smooth, well-rounded muzzle is blunt although not square. The underjaw is strong, clean-cut and also the depth of skull in the brow towards the under area of the jaw isn't excessive. One's teeth are of excellent size, meeting inside a scissors bite. Overshot or undershot jaws are undesirable, the second being more seriously punished. There's a really slight prominence from the eye brows. The backskull is flat, without diminishing either laterally or backward and also the occipital bone isn't highly peaked. The correct width of backskull always is dependent upon the combined period of skull and muzzle and also the width from the backskull is under its length. Thus the right width varies using the individual and depends upon the extent that it's based on period of muzzle. Due to the significance of the mind qualities, prominent mind problems are extremely seriously punished.


Due to the mixture from the flat skull, the arched eye brows, the slight stop and also the rounded muzzle, the foreface should be chiseled to create a receptacle for that eyes and they're always placed obliquely to provide them the needed forward outlook. Aside from nowhere merles, they're needed to become matched up colored. They're almond-formed, of medium size rather than correctly seem to be large or prominent. The colour is dark and also the eye doesn't show a yellow ring or perhaps a sufficiently prominent haw to modify the dog's expression. Your eyes possess a obvious, vibrant appearance, indicating intelligent inquisitiveness, specially when the ears are attracted up and also the dog is around the alert. In blue merles, brownish eyes are more suitable, but either or both eyes might be merle or china colored without specific penalty. A sizable, round, full eye seriously takes away from the preferred sweet expression. Eye problems are heavily punished.


The ears have been in proportion to how big the mind and, if they're transported correctly and unquestionably break naturally, are rarely not big enough. Large ears usually can't be lifted properly from the mind, and even when lifted, they'll be from proportion to how big the mind. Much more repose the ears are folded lengthwise and tossed into the frill. Around the alert they're attracted well on the backskull and therefore are transported around three-quarters erect, about one-4th from the ear tipping or breaking forward. Your dog with prick ears or low ears cannot show true expression and it is punished accordingly.


The neck is firm, clean, muscular, sinewy and heavily frilled. It's fairly lengthy, transported upright having a slight arch in the nape and imparts a proud, upstanding appearance revealing the frill.


Your body is firm, hard and muscular, a trifle lengthy compared towards the height. The ribs are very well-rounded behind the well-sloped shoulders and also the chest is deep, stretching towards the elbows. The rear is strong and level, based on effective sides and upper thighs and also the croup is sloped to provide a properly-rounded finish. The loin is effective and slightly arched. Noticeably body fat dogs, or dogs in poor flesh, or with skin condition, or without any undercoat are from condition and therefore are moderately punished accordingly.


The forelegs are straight and muscular, having a fair quantity of bone thinking about how big your dog. A cumbersome appearance is undesirable. Both narrow and wide positioning are punished. The forearm is moderately fleshy and also the pasterns are flexible but without weakness. The hind legs are less fleshy, muscular in the upper thighs, very sinewy and also the hocks and stifles are very well bent. A cowhocked dog or perhaps a dog with straight stifles is punished. The comparatively small ft are roughly oblong fit. The soles are very well padded and hard, and also the toes are very well arched and close together. Once the Collie isn't moving the legs and ft are judged by permitting your dog arrive at an all natural stay in a standing position to ensure that both forelegs and also the hind legs are put well apart, using the ft stretching easy. Excessive "appearing"is undesirable.


Gait is seem. Once the dog is moved in a slow trot toward an observer its straight front legs track comparatively close together in the ground. The leading legs aren't out in the elbows, don't "crossover," nor does your dog move having a uneven, pacing or moving gait. When seen in the rear the hind legs are straight, monitoring comparatively close together in the ground. In a moderate trot the hind legs are effective and moving. Seen in the side the reasonably lengthy, "reaching" stride is smooth as well as, keeping the rear line firm and level.

Because the speed from the gait is elevated the Collie single tracks, getting the leading legs inward inside a straight line in the shoulder toward the middle type of your body and also the hind legs inward inside a straight line in the stylish toward the middle type of your body. The gait indicates easy speed combined with dog's herding heritage, needing so that it is able to altering its direction of travel almost immediately.


The tail is moderately lengthy, the bone reaching towards the hock joint or below. It's transported low once the dog is quiet, the finish getting an upward twist or swirl. When gaited or once the dog is excited it's transported vibrantly although not within the back.


The well-fitting, proper-textured coat may be the crowning glory from the rough number of Collie. It's abundant except around the mind and legs. The outer coat is straight and harsh to touch. A soft, open outer coat or perhaps a curly outer coat, no matter quantity is punished. The undercoat, however, is soft, furry and thus close together that it's hard to begin to see the skin once the locks are separated. The coat is extremely abundant around the mane and frill. The face area or mask is smooth. The forelegs are smooth and well feathered to the rear of the pasterns. The hind legs are smooth beneath the hock joints. Any feathering beneath the hocks is taken away for that show ring. Your hair around the tail is extremely profuse as well as on the sides it's lengthy and hairy. The feel, quantity and also the extent that the coat "fits your dogInch are essential points.


The 4 recognized colors are "Sable and Whitened," "Tri-color," "Blue Merle" and "Whitened." There's no preference included in this. The "Sable and Whitened" is mainly sable (a fawn sable colour of different shades from light gold to dark mahogany) with whitened markings usually around the chest, neck, legs, ft and also the tip from the tail. A blaze may seem around the foreface or backskull or both. The "Tri-color" is mainly black, transporting whitened markings as with a "Sable and Whitened" and it has tan shadings on contributing to the mind and legs. The "Blue Merle" is really a mottled or "marbled" color mainly blue-gray and black with whitened markings as with the "Sable and Whitened" in most cases has tan shadings as with the "Tri-color." The "Whitened" is mainly whitened, ideally with sable, tri-color or blue merle markings.


Dogs come from 24 to 26 inches in the shoulder and weigh from 60 to 75 pounds. Bitches come from 22 to 24 inches in the shoulder, weighing from 50 to 65 pounds. An undersize or perhaps an oversize Collie is punished based on the extent that your dog seems to become undersize or oversize.


Expression is among the most significant points in thinking about the relative worth of Collies. Expression, such as the term character is tough to define in words. It's not a set point as with color, weight or height which is something the uninitiated can correctly understand only by optical illustration. Generally, however, it might be stated to become the combined product from the shape and balance from the skull and muzzle, the positioning, size, shape and colour of the attention and also the position, size and carriage from the ears. A manifestation that shows sullenness or that is an indication of every other breed is entirely foreign. The Collie can't be judged correctly until its expression continues to be carefully examined.


The Graceful Number of Collie is judged through the same Standard because the Rough Variety, with the exception that the references towards the quantity and distribution from the coat aren't relevant towards the Smooth Variety, with a short, hard, dense, flat coat of excellent texture, with a good amount of undercoat.

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