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At the muddle moment. (ภาษาอังกฤษ)

Actually, it's not so long but it's like there are a lot of moments that my mind was arranged by the thought. Unconsciousnessly, I loose my senses and return into my mind, thoughts. This condition make me like the lion who is ill.
Maybe, I am among some confilcts in my mind butI don't realize them. Sometimes, it's hard to realize although finding split in my mind will heal myself.

Emptiness in my mind that it seems to be now isn't the real emptiness. In the emptiness, there are as if a lot of things in my mind. It makes me tired. Like I am being right now. I am engrossed in paying attention to something that will degenerate my power. Concentrated finding them and seeing them will help me to make me still alive again.

Tich Nath Hant said that "If you wash dishes by do not paying attention to washing, that means you wash nothing."

Focusing on senses at the moment, right now, by no expectation will give me chances to know more about myself.

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KruBomb Thatti
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กรุงเทพ Thailand

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