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There is so much to do and enjoyin the city of Bangkok. Asides, Bumrungrad hospital located in the heart ofBangkok and accountable for some of the travelers in Bangkok, there are a numberof attractions to make your stay in Bangkok a remarkable and exciting one. Fromany of the hotels near Bumrungrad hospital, there is an easy access to BTSstation to make exploration and transportation in Bangkok easy and convenientfor you.

Here are some of the fun thingsto do and places to go while in your hotel near Bumrungrad hospital:


There are a variety of placeswhere nightlife can be enjoyed in Bangkok such as Oskar, Above Eleven, HavanaSocial, Mixx Discotheque nightclub and many more. Here, you would experience anelectric atmosphere where the party never stops.

Restaurants and Bars

You can find some of the bestrestaurants and cuisines in Bangkok, only a ride away from your hotel nearBumrungrad hospital. Many of these restaurants incorporate multicultural blendsof spices and meals in their menus. These include Chinese, Thai, Indian, fastfood and other continental dishes with certified dining facilities. From the ElGaucho Argentinean Steakhouse close to Terminal 21 shopping centre, to Au BonPain, Na Aroon, and Starbucks, you are sure to find a restaurant with diningoptions that suits your culinary tastes and budget.

Shopping Malls

Siam Paragon is situated inBangkok and is one of the biggest and most luxurious shopping mall in the cityand Asia at large. The shopping mall features high end restaurants, popularfashion brands, car showrooms, as well as cinemas, aquarium, and a lot more forentertainment.

Terminal 21 gives you a whole newexperience of shopping, where you can enjoy a perfect combination food, fashionand film. There is also The Central WorldPlaza (Formerly the World Trade Centre), which is one of the most centralshopping locations, comprising of the ZEN, Isetan and Duty Free shoppingcentres. There are over a hundred additional small outlets to go with thistrading centre.

Check out these fun places duringyour stay in Bangkok and you are sure to never have a dull moment.

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