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Ploenchit BTS station is locatedat the center of Bangkok, near luxury hotel chains, trendy bars and greatrestaurants. It is considered by many travelers as the hottest spot to booktheir hotel and walk around the busy streets of Bangkok. From this location,you can engage in many different activities. From partying in city’s vibrantcenter to visiting Thailand’s monuments, you will absolutely love this keypoint in town and appreciate a hotelnear Ploenchit BTS station.

Even if you are not staying close by,get off at Ploenchit BTS station and enjoy the vibrant life and the amazingvariety in terms of dining. Walk only a short distance and reach all thewell-known restaurants like Elements, Café Claire, Tsun Nami or Le Beaulieu. PloenchitBTS station is close to many Thailand’s attractions such as the unique TubtimBuddhist Shrine and the luxurious Central Embassy mall. 

Why Choosing a Hotel There SeemsLike the Best Thing to Do

In all of Sukhumvit there arecountless hotels, for every budget and preference. Being able to reach yourhotel easily and quickly will definitely come in handy. No need to try and findthe best way to transport to every desired All you have to do is finda hotel near Ploenchit BTS station,and enjoy its advantageous If you want a day at the shops, or at thefloating market, you can just walk there. Then, you may easily return to yourhotel for some relaxation and rejuvenation. Take the train to visit any othermonument you prefer and then sit at a gorgeous restaurant and taste theirunique, exotic dishes.

Being able to move around the city so easily, will provide you with the confidence to visit many more monuments and places. Your hotel near the Ploenchit BTS station will save you valuable time and enable you to spend your time enjoying the place, rather than struggling to find the best transportation solution.

One of the best hotels near this station is Lohas Residences that will allow you to explore the city, while indulging in aluxury accommodation experience treasured forever. With its fully equipped suites, a dashing swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, this hotel will offer you the ultimate experience of vacations in an ethereal setting filled with natural beauty and modern facilities. Allow yourself to relax by the pool, after a long walk at the city’s vibrant streets.

When it comes to staying in Bangkok, you want to be comfortable. The Lohas Residences offers all of that and more. To learn more about this premier hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok soi 2 or to make a reservation today, visit their website at or call +66 (0) 2120 8188. They are happy to answer any questions you have and guide you in the right direction for your booking your stay.

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