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Relationship is NOT an easy plot

Once you found someone you really love to, and decided to move on the next step. The next thing you knew is you moved into his apartment, and settled your life together, and live together happily ever after. That sounds like in the movie, easy, and romantic, BUT not in real life.

Because in real life it is not that easy like I just wrote about. Relationship is not an easy plot like in love story novel. Two people met, chemistry sparkled, then you two moved in together, and live together for twenty or thirty years.

Only the ideal couple that I have ever saw is my parents. But they are married before moved in together. After 45 years has gone, they still grew their love as a young married couple. Sometimes they fought, sometimes arugument brought them to be silence for 2 days at maximum. And the last thing I saw is my father helped my mother in the kitchen, where he never had to be in when my mom was around, and tried to make a little conversation. The next thing they had their meal in the kitchen, just two of them, not with us.

Apparently, Daniel's parents are the great couple of 40 years as well. Even now Daniel's mother had a severe injured to her back, and forced her to be under doctor's treatment all the time. But it seems to his dad happy to help and be around her all the time, besides her health is his and our critical concern. They live in Orlando, Florida, where people are not rushing to go or hurry to catch the train or be at work on time. Lucky them that her slow pace with the walker or wheelchair is not a problem for the Southern folks, but they need a car to travel.

As Daniel, the only son, migrated to New York City, he moved for his career in 1999. And I moved to NYC, after my graduation, to persue my career at one of the boutique hotel in Manhattan in 2001. I met him last year when I finished my contract at work, and started to struggling to be a waiter at a couple restaurants for cash instead of pay check, whereas he got laidoff from work. There was a click, and mixed with loneliness, then we turned to be, and moved in together last June.

Time flew so fast. I still remembered the day that we went to IKEA to pick up furniture, we fought for oversized furniture to fit into the van, we got lost, and wrong directions given, and blah blah blah. Until now it's a year since we met, and almost a year since we moved, but we are still working on our relationship.

All I can tell whenever I look back, our relationship has been growing since the very first time we met. It is not an easy path, there are no any instructions, or regulations to follow to make our relationship as perfect as other ideal couples, like my parents, or his parents. And I am sure that sometimes in between their 40 years of marriage, they had some very hard time as well in their relationship.

But I am sure that they always listen to their hearts, and follow them. That makes their relationshop is easy as a written plot.


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up until now, i am still not sure whether i can live with somebody for, i mean, years.

seems impossible to me, or...maybe
i'm still too young.


โดย: PADAPA--DOO (PADAPA--DOO ) 31 มีนาคม 2548 15:53:50 น.  


How long it take you to know that you love him? So you're thinking about marrying him?

It's funny in my case, I knew it from the first date.

You know I was born in 2516 too.

BTW, did you read the guides to a healthy relationship on my blog? What did you think about them? I wrote it for all the people who are over 30 and believe in the ever-lasting love like you.


โดย: SEII 4 เมษายน 2548 12:10:31 น.  

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