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Books of my VIEW (in these two weeks of me) !!!

Have been tie up with things around me lately, and which those things are not work as it used to be. Now I can't put it down, "The Davinci Code" of famous genious Dan Brown, plus I have to catch up with Wimbledon. Also pictures from the trip we went two weeks ago, I still havent posted them yet.

The good thing, when you have only one job (instead of two or three), is that you would have time to be yourself, and to take a good closer care of yourself. Truely realised it when I am right now, at one job, and working from 11.30am to 8.30pm. Whileas I'm enjoying watching TV, having my light Beer while crunching my popcorn. Then having my third beer of the night while I'm updating my blog, where another window of my computer I am shopping for some other new books, and printer.

I just couldnt believe myself that I had finished two books, "Hotel Babylon" by Anonymous & Imogen Edwards-Jones, and "Paris to the Moon" of Adam Gopnik within less than two weeks. Two books in two weeks??? Never happened to me. I am thinking that how pathetic or desperate I am!!! But truely I am not really, actually, I would say I am so excited and energetic like a freshly brand-new athelete who is ready for the sport game. I have had three books for almost two months. And I didnt have time to touch them as much, just read barely a few pages of each ones, then put them down. Until I had time for myself, and I discovered a fantasy of myself over those books. So much fun, and they just opened my view, my big outside world beyond my sight, over through each pages of those books.

I have heard so much about Dan brown of "The Davinci Code" and other of his works, but I was against his reputation. As beyond how great he is, and overheard about hollywood tries to pull his work into the film. It made me more his opposite fan club. But I placed the order of his big talk of the town book online, as it cost me only $4.00.

Why not?? I love Leonadro Davinci, I love the way he kept things mystery and secrecy. Plus I love Paris, and Louvre is one my big favourite place of all time. Why dont I bother to read about it?? But I chose to read it last one after I finished the two books.

I started to read Davinci Code last night, I cant put it down. Now I am half way to finish it, as I woke up at 6am to continue to read the 30th chapter. It's addictive, I confessed. The author is such a genius to pull the current situation of the world, and its merely true rumor into the book. All the credit is to Dan Brown.

If you wont mind, I would excuse myself to continue my Davinci Code, and let the night rolls. Have a good one, my fellow.


1. Totally recommend "Hotel Babylon" for people who would find an amusement of how fool or funny of hotel guests and the nature of a western 5 ***** hotel. The writing is so fondly, and very appealing. I love the book dearly (ummm, it's a Briiitishhh, dear)

2. Kindof disappointed of "Paris to the Moon", no wonder why it cost me $1.10 !!!!!!! It's the first book I picked on, as I read the first two pages. But the writing is too journalistic to me, yawning, yawning, yah, boring things.

Normally, I've never been bored with an American life outside in Europe. I love it, I love to hear it. I love Peter Mayle, all of his books about Provence, France, is so energetic to me. But I didnt see in Gopnik's. He's a NY Times journalist. What am I expecting??

3. "Davinci Code" is the best of all for me (at NOW). And let me finish the last 200 pages, it;s climax now !!!!


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