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32 years and 3 days

Two days before my birthday of May 21st this year, I felt so pathetic of myself, and very cranky. Turning 32 is not that easy, and the number itself is so scary, 32. I couldnt believe that I have been in this world for this long, and at same age when my mom had me out to this world. She will be 64 in July this year. When it popped up in my head, I felt like i was just reborn.

Then I was so relieved. Me at the same age as my mother when she gave birth to me, I am 32 years old.

For the past few weeks, I was so busy with my work schedule, plus I picked up more shifts at work. Tried to make up to send money home for $3k, I worked double shifts for 6 days straight for past few weeks. When my body was tired, my mind couldnt consentrate enough to make any journals on my blog.

As I saw a couple wishes posted for my birthday frrom true freinds, they just made my day when reading it. Even they are few little words. Thanks Mew, and thanks to Nong Lui!!

But I had a great birthday weekend off, we started to celebrate my Saturday with luncheon with a freind in the city restaurant. As I got home very late from friday night work, we left home around 2pm, and caught up with Mhee, an old freind from Triam Udom who is here for her short training at Columbia University, at Danny's on 46th St and 8th Ave. A wonderful late lunch made us a great time chatting, and updating personal life and plan.

Daniel and I left for a movie after 4:30pm. Jet Li and Morgan Freeman in Unleashed are so dispointed, as the storyline of the movie is so lame. Only the agressive fighting part at the beginning looked exciting. And Jet Li shows his improvement with the different style of acting, which not only kick butt kungfu.

The weather was nice, not too cold, but sunny. It made two of us had a big long walk from west Side on 42nd St down, strolled down to Union Square 14th St. When the gust picked up, and I could smell the rainfall coming down anytime soon.

We stopped at the bar in W Hotel. Hanging out on the low love seat, sipping a couple drinks. While I had been having my usual Midori Sour, and Black Russian for Daniel, the rain poured so hard as it had been held for a long time. A non-stop shower couldnt stop us to move to another spot, as $11 a drink at W Hotel kicked us out.

We stopped at Barnes & Noble around the corner of 17th St. Beacause I wannna take a look on some Travel books.

Yeah, we re having a trip out of town. This time is Las Vegas - Grand Canyon for 1 week. Yeah!!

Then, John, a freind of mine called for Dinner. We ended up had a dinner at new restaurant called "Lasagna". A nice cozy place in the middle of Chelsea offers us a variety of lasagna, or you create your own lasagna. John surprised me with his gift without a sign. Coz I didnt mention a word about my birthday, but Daniel spread out the secret 5 minutes before our meeting at the restaurant.

After two bottles of wines, we cancelled the night out with my freinds at work. It just reminded me how bad and drunk that I still spent my birthday celebration every single years. No matter how old, and older I am getting, I ended up to bed on birthday night DRUNK as usual.

That proved me that no matter how old I am getting, I still much young at heart, and wild.


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We're not getting old,
We're getting BETTER!


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