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Today's Nasdaq-100 Open Tennis

Andre Agassi is turning 35 next month, but seems like his tennis career still going right on what he is handling. As I watched his quaterfinal match against his countryman, Taylor Dent, Agassi ruled the whole match.
Even he might have a little rough time to finish the first set, but he seemed to control the game, and his strategy to win the match. While Dent was injured his heel on the second set, Agassi took the second set easily, 7-5, 6-1.

Next round of semi-final, he will be against Roger Federer, No. 1 tennis player in the world. The tournament of Nasdaq100-Open in Miami will be thru Apr 3rd, 2005. Too bad that our Paradorn Srichphan was out since the second round by an Argentinean player, Mariano Zabaleta, who is very agressive qualifier. As a clay court player from Latin America, but Zabaleta was almost upset Federer in the third round as he stunned No. 1 Player in the second set before lost in the third set. I have no wonder why Srichaphan was knocked out by this qualifier, as he played so continuously agressive.

On the women side, it is just a big timing for women tennis world now. Starting at the beginning of 2005, the return of Williams sisters from injuries made the Australian Open so colorfully, and Serena took the champion with herself. Also at earlier this month, Mar 2005, the return of two Belgian girls, Clijsters, and Henin-Hardenne made the tennis competition on women's side getting hotter, and hotter. Plus the troop of Russian females battling in every tennis tournament all over the world.

As I just saw Maria Sharapova, a Russian beauty queen, beat the older Williams in semi-final of Nasdaq-100 Open this evening, 6-4, 6-3. I could tell that tennis tournament on female court would be packed with the crowd of guys in all generations to see this young beauty. She is a young talent girl at age of 17, but still keeping up hunting the trophy.

In the final round this Saturday, she will meet Kim Clijsters, who proved herself successfully to win last week in Indian Wells, California. She just checked out Amelie Moresmo from France easily, 6-1, 6-0.

Tomorrow two espanol men will be against each other in semi-final, David Ferer vs Rafael Nadal. Another match , Roger Federer will be against Andre Agassi.

My pick at final round on Men's side, it would break my heart, but I'm sure that Federer will be against Nadal. It will be a very fun match to wtch, as Nadal is a never give-up player. And on women's side, I doubt that Clijsters will win another crown for herself, and my heart will drop dead to see Sharapova lost.

Note :Writing following on Sunday 04/03/05

Hahaha, I am a genius in predicting of the tennis game. As the result came out this afternoon, Roger Federer beat the 18-year-old Spanish, Rafel Nadal, 2-6,6-7,7-6,6-3,6-1. It was a long competition of over 3 hours. Also yesterday, Kim Clijsters took over the champion title from the pretty Maria Sharapova. It was the great tournament this year of Nasdaq-100 Open in Miami 2005, but too bad that we didnt see any Asian faces in the deeper round this year.


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there was another line by Roger that went: "rafa is my grteeast CHALLENGER".......uhhh---it's more like Roger is ONE of Rafa's challengers.....since it's roger that stands at 6-12 since 200FIVE.....2-5 in MAJORS FINALS...and if you get generous and SUBTRACT 2 of RAFA's FO Finals's STILL 2-3 rafa in Major's finalsbut if you are REALLY "fair" and SUBTRACT ALSO one of Roger's wimbledon finals (you pick between 2006 or 2007) it's down to 1-3 rafa on ALL Majors ...WHO'S THE BETTER PLAYER in Majors between rafa and roger? on ALL surfaces.


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dAoskD , [url=//]kowbypywlstu[/url], [link=//]bbwnqdqrlvce[/link], //


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