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My spinning head 03/30/05

My daily routine is so boring, starting at the same pace every morning. Got up at 10, went to shower, peeking on Ellen Degeneres on TV, and ran to subway to catch the train to work. But the difference at this morning is I went to work 30 minutes earlierthan usual, as my boss is not at work this morning, then I had to pick up the phone for him.

Last night, after I went to bed around 1am, but my mind was still awake, also did my stomach. I just had only half sandwich that I took it with me from work. Then I had to be up, and cook instant noodle at the early 2 am, while watching the show "What Not to Wear". The program is about to show what in your wardrobe which you should not wear anymore, because your people around you couldnt stand to see it anymore. That's why they wrote the letter to the show to tell you "what not to wear". But the good things they have a budgets of $5,000 to spend for your new wardrobe. Why not?? My freinds should write about me for them to come and change me.

Around 3:30am, I went to bed for a skimpier sleep than regualar night, as the tv show always got me in it every time at sat on that couch in front of the tv stand.

And it was crazy as a regular weekday at Sandwich Planet. Good food is here where people cant deny it, "It's damn good.". My spinning head started to be spinning more and more when the orders are getting more and more. But I was there until 6pm, and couldnt take it any longer, until my boss back from his duty, and took it over from me.

Straight back home, and ran to the shower when my girl pal, Pam was in my room and took me out for dinner. We had 2 1/2 magaritas each at the dinner table. It was a nice Irish-American restaurant around the corner from my place. Food was excellent, drinks are fine, and I'm writing here with my spinning head of 2 and 1/2 magaritas.

Una mas magarita, por for vor!!!!!


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Love Magarita too. There is a place in town where I go to get "Perfect Magarita" every Friday night. Very good stuff.

Yes. We could hang out if I live in NY, but too bad I'm not:) You seems to be a lot of fun to hang out with.


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ตี่ เมษาแล้วเว้ย


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