[Germany great.........but...........Italy......]

I don’t wanna believe! My team, oh, no! Why the coach put Bazargli, on centre-back with Canna? Why he didn’t put Zaccardo on right-back? And why he put Cassano on forward? Can we change the coach!?
But I like their shirt last night:) They worn white shirt which I’d like to see them on the match with my own self. I’ve never seen them worn that shirt in World Cup, I don’t know why. It, maybe dark color is a lucky for Azzuri:) So they didn’t won last night:) (I like to think in good way:)
Even my Azzuri did not won (or you will called they lost :( but my Eagle, Germany was won against San Marino 0-13. How could they do that? Was San Marino’s players got a defence last night? It can’t believe too!
Nevertheless, I don’t care what my friends said. Hey, do you know what my friends told to me? They told that ‘Don’t be sad, don’t be sad’. Hey, I think it’s a good console, right? I thought that if they can win, they can lose. If they win all game then it’s not fun, if that is so, football won’t a popular sport of the word:P

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