Happy Birthday to me


As you guys know, I have badminton match today. And, the result is… I lose 1-2. I just know that the match is not what I thought before. My racket is hard, my power is almost gone. Every minute passed so slowly as I wish I want to end this so quickly… My friends around me had disputation with my rival’s friend, it happened between the match but it went well… My rival, her beat is always almost straight at me and it so hard to counterattack… I thought about my favorite badminton player and thought that he might feel like me. But this is my first time… At last, I lose, my friends that full around the court before are gone, just 4-5 came to me and soothed me, I knew I lose but when they come and soothe me, my tear is come out of my eyes… Yes, I cried but it didn’t drop out of my eyes… There’s no ANY tears drop out… My eyes just filled with tears… But I can accept this, this is my first time… If my b-day full of happiness, it will be perfect, but this kind of thing – that’s not perfect is the thing that is DIFFERENT. This is another side of life. That’s life. I am okay, you guys. I’ll have match again on this Thursday, wish me luck!


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Happy Birthday จ้า



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