My Beloved Bro.

Xavier.... Who the hell is he?? lol

He's my internet brother. Back to 1999-2000 something it's IRC Era. I've met him there in #asian2000 channel. He's turned up with this nick “ Docteur Green” well yeah it's doctor cos he's French. He's around 18 something he's still in high school at that time (yummy lol). This is the reason why I've called him bro. Actually his age could be my nephew lolz. We've been chatting through out the internet MSN, Skype or Google talk. But not that often just sometimes when we've been on at the same time.

Even he's French but you know he's studied in China and now he works in China. It's kinda weird to me wondering why he chose China. What is a fascinate there??!! Chinese?? I don't think so lol. Well yeah right now He just told me he's wrong. He's a sarcasm one. The way he criticizes something always make me laugh. He's good at nagging too. LoL

We've been sharing a lot about life. I could say he's my shrink lol even he's younger than me. I can always count on him but yes he let me down quite often as well. Lol So we both know what's really going on with each other life.

You guys is now wondering why I bla bla bla about him Cos last night it's the first time we've met. It's been 7-8 years throughout the screen. Of course I was excited you know why ? Cos I was afraid that I wouldn't remember him. When I was at the airport I've kept calling Jaysephine asking her what he looks like. Cos Jay's met Xavier couple years ago in Beijing. And you know I was surprise that I remember him at first sight. And you know he started talking from Suvanabhum like nonstop until we split. Lol That's impressed.

The reason he's been here just to attend a medical exhibition something next week at QSNCC. It's kinda business trip. But at least I finally have met my bro. And you know it's one of nicest thing that happened to me meeting my bro. Like you've already known my life been messed up lately.

Bro thanks for everything. Thanks for letting me tease you. Thanks for making me laugh. Thanks for helping me out in any ways you can. I'm so soooo appreciated it. So I'd like to dedicate this page for my beloved bro. It's all proved that it's worth waiting.

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Yah, He so funny and talkative ... so please give him something eat then he will stop talking hahaha

โดย: jayesphine IP: วันที่: 8 กันยายน 2550 เวลา:11:21:53 น.  

Hey, kick his ass for me hahaha I'm kidding. Tell him Bonjour from Jay

โดย: jaysephine IP: วันที่: 12 กันยายน 2550 เวลา:20:32:32 น.  

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