Happy Ending

Hmm i would wanna write in english just because all the thai letters on my keyboard are gone so lazy to guess which one is. n lazy to buy new one since it still works.

Everytime i write my blogs i always pick a song n try to relate everything to it. this time it's Mika turn again. i've heard this song for the first time from my favorite series Gossip Girl couple months ago. i totally forgot about it but lately the radio programs have been playing it quite often. the meaning is kinda pathetic lol but i love it though reminding me a lot of things.

I love this part

No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.

Yeah right not together lol!!

Ok Let talk about my shit.

After my bd everything seems just right. things are getting better, nice i'm supposed. Well there're still some bugging my mind. but I won't let those bring me down.

Weird thing that happened to me is lately i wish a day had more than 24 hrs lolz yeah unbelievable for ppl like me wish to have some more hrs. lol for doing what? I don't really know but i don't wanna go to bed cos i have to cos it's late but i wanna go to bed cos im sleepy. or im a insomniac now? hmm i don't think so

Funny thing is i got a wasp sting on my foot last week. it was in my pants lol yes ouch!! i don't know whether i should cry or laugh. but for sure i did scream hell loud.lucky im not allergic. anyway went to c doc he gave me some medicines n cream. after taking those it was getting better but i've noticed like a rash on that area. scary i went to see doc again. u know what ?? im allergic to the cream he gave me lol what the! after stopping using everything's ok.

Nice thing is I've visited my friend's house in the upcountry..like old day i've been there like 4 times just nice. actually i went there to celebrate a friend's wedding. without knowing i had to help them making flowers for decoration lol just imagine i and flowers? hell no. but u know it's not that bad.

well nothing to write now so i will c u guys next time ... take care

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