How To Save A Life


Do you what happened to me today??

This morning I almost got bitten by a dog yeah!! it's ALSATIAN!! no joke !! you could say lucky me that i haven't got bitten.

But know know what?? IT'S NOT LUCKY AT ALL.

I did nothing to him just walk pass by. I had a feeling that something hit my leg so I turned around and looked then I saw the dog.
it was a frightening moment cos he was trying to attack me.

I was screaming for help but the owner of the dog didn't turn up. I tried looking it his eyes and showing him I was not scared. Truth is this really scared the shit out of me.

He didn't stop barking and growling at me. The worst was he's trying to attack me. I took my backpack to cover me and still shouting for help. Looking in his eyes didn't help at all I started having a goosepump. I was standing there like 10 minutes or so until my neighbor came to save me.

The dog's gone I walked to my car and my eyes watered. I started sobbing uncontrollably I cried while driving to work. It just kept coming I don't know why. Even I tried to stop crying but I couldn't stop sobbing. It's very strange I couldn't explain. I called my sister later she told me that I was shocked of what just happened.

Also I had a terrible headache all day long until now. My friend said as my spirit got lost so I have to call it back. Well I think I will just take some pills.

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