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been watching lot of movies these days. cooking as well lol no kidding !! but just easy stuffs like baked potata what else i could do!!
ok let's see what i've watched.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

quite fun seen lot of peanut shots 555++ If u love Veronica from VM then u should see. but i love one jackie from that's 70th more. she's hot!

Virgin Territory

lol film sucks but the plot is kinda funny about those nuns they're just... lol what should i say?? lots of tits as well.

What Happens In Vegas
hmm quite ok but less than expect.

Made Of Honor
Mcdreamy is too old for movie!! he should only be in Seattle Grace only 555

In The Land Of Women
i love this flim i don't know why but adam is so attractive. yeah i like his character from this movie more realistic than seth from oc.

Some songs from those movies remind me the old day lol yeah i got one from in the land of women. The song called Beautiful Girls by the band INXS. Guess what? I've watched their concert in Thailand! do u believe this? lol yeah long long time ago 555 front row . I still remembered Michael Hutchen wearing the orange shirt. It's the best concert ever even not lots of audiences. but we all could sing all of their songs pretty amazing. sadly he's gone kinda shocked i also cried.

ok the rest is nothing much just working n home. i'll see u guys soon then. take care

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