พฤษภาคม 2553
11 พฤษภาคม 2553

It's time to put down my badge and stethoscope

It is not my choice to leave the place where I love to work and have fun with all awesome colleagues. There were times when I felt like I did not want to be here at all. Nursing is a stressful and tiresome job. But, I know that I will always have friends on the floor to back me up. No kidding, I sometime lost some sleep over works or dreamed about them. Wasn't it crazy, huh??

There might be days when we all wanted to pull our hair out or turned deaf from complaint. I, myself, had awkward situations when I was speechless and wished I have a knight in shining armor came to a rescue. I guess my call was responded by Lord Buddha. He sent me a huggable female knight, Krista.

Remember Krista, when we had a resident who wanted to be discharged on the spot and went ballistic over flower taboo. You amazed me with how calm, liked a cucumber, you could be. 'Coz normally, I have to warn you, "Krista don't speak when you were mad." I love helping Krista. She gave me a unique reward which no one else ever did a few times, it is a kiss on the forehead. Talking of a passion here. The first time she did, I blinked and went frozen. After that, hey, it was not bad. I kinda like it. I seized every opportunities to exchange a bear hug with Krista when we met.

I heart you dearly, you know I always will.

The next one is Super Daddy, Zach. I believed any one working at the station would hear him talking to his boys on the phone. I did not mean to be eavesdropping but it often went like this, "Sean, blah blah blah." I smiled as I turned to see him trying to reason with his kids.

When I was a newbie, Zach would ask me to work for him on weekend. He told me that he had to take kids to a church. Hmm, that's a good one. Later on, I was immunized with Zach's puppy eye look. You know the kind that melt your heart and make you fall for it.

Zach is a caring and sensitive guy 'coz he knew when I was upset with him. I did not have to say a single word. Probably my face gave it out. He would make it up by making me smile.

Proud to introduce my boyfriend, Kelci. When I first met her, she WOW me with her beauty. Look at her face, it is cute like a doll. But this doll likes to play soccer. She is so athletic. I've joked with Kelci all the time that she is my boyfriend.

Once upon a time, when Cinderella, like me, was busy with god know how many admits. Kelci popped her head in and helped me do body audit without asking. Thank you, Kel.

Kelci loves to watch sports as well as playing them. One day, while there was a game on the T.V. and patient changed the channel. I heard a distinctive voice, "What are you doing?" I laughed my head off. You're crazy.

Here's my successor, Jeff. He is so young and when I looked at him just thought about little brother if I ever had one. He reminded me of Kewpie and I called him that name inside my head. He does not know that. Look at his hair and you can figure it out.

This Mother's Day, Jeff ordered flowers for his mom. He mumbled why his mom did not call if she already got flowers. I told him to make sure that his cell phone was on. He said, "Yes." A little assurance from receivers will put givers' mind at ease. Besides Jeff, I heard Jen mumbled the same thing!

Hang in there, Jeff. You would be an awesome TCU nurse.

Karla is the most honest person you could ever met. She is not shy to speak out. If Karla see something that was wrong, she would say it right in front of that person. While I let it slide because I don't like confrontation, Karla stood up for me. The second best occupation for Karla should be a cop.

When working together, I often borrow "something" from her, which I may never returned. That is height. While trying to climb up the shelf, like a monkey, if I saw karla around. It would be like this, "Karla lend me your height."

I am sure will miss working and laughing with all you guys. Thank you for good and bad times we shared.

I love you all - Little Fish


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